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Microsoft Corporation Purchases Email Startup Acompli

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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) recently confirmed plans of purchasing an email startup company called Acompli. This confirmation comes shortly after the company accidentally leaked out plans.


A powerful email client

Acompli is a powerful email client that runs on iOS and Android. This move adds more speculation that Microsoft’s chief executive officer Satya Nadella keeps the focus on cross-platform technologies. Outlook’s vice president Rajesh Jha summed said, “We’re excited about what’s possible as we build on the app’s success and bring it together with work currently in progress by the Outlook team. Our goal is to deliver fantastic cross-platform apps that support the variety of email services people use today and help them accomplish more.”

Javier Soltero (CEO for Acompli) added, “Your app and accounts will continue to work and the team will continue on our fast pace of improving and adding new functionality every couple of weeks.”

Microsoft’s latest deal

According to a report from Recode, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) paid over $200 million for Accompli. The app’s major appeal includes features like Microsoft Exchange Support, one-tap calendar integration, and easier access to recent emails or files. It is a professionally designed app with a lot of potential. And since it works similarly to Outlook’s desktop version with the combination of contacts, calendar, and mail into one interface.

Just a few months ago, Soltero analyzed Microsoft for iPad’s strategy with a more specific look at no Outlook app for iOS. He complained about Microsoft’s confusing agendas and slow-loading Outlook Web App. He even predicted, “[We] expect a product that’s married to Office 365, with limited-to-no support for alternative email accounts, and a lack of imagination about what email on mobile should look like.”

At press time, it isn’t clear what Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has planned for Acompli but it’s most likely the company will integrate the app into Office 365 offering.

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