Michael Milken and Tony Blair on Access to Global Capital [VIDEO]

Michael Milken and Tony Blair on Access to Global Capital [VIDEO]

Michael Milken and Tony Blair on Access to Global Capital [VIDEO]

Introduction By:

Mindy Silverstein, Managing Director, Milken Institute

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Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister, Great Britain and Northern Ireland Strive Masiyiwa, Chairman and Founder, Econet Wireless Seth Merrin, Founder and CEO, Liquidnet Jane Rowe, Senior Vice President, Teachers’ Private Capital and Infrastructure, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Michael Milken, Chairman, Milken Institute


Financial capital is the lifeblood of our globalized economy. The ease with which it flows across borders and markets influences the attractiveness of investment and business opportunities. Emerging and developing countries in particular hold great promise for high returns for various stakeholders — including multinational corporations, mid-market companies and general and limited partners. The success stories of Singapore and South Korea are compelling examples of how open and competitive policy and regulatory environments can attract foreign direct investment and spur growth that not only benefits investors and stakeholders but also accelerates the evolution of countries and regions into sophisticated economies. The Milken Institute’s Access to Global Capital Initiative tries to advance these ideas. This session will identify current and emerging opportunities for investment, delve into the best practices of nations leading the world in attracting capital and offer insights on improving the efficiency of flows around the world.

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