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Michael Hasenstab: China Searching For a New Equilibrium, Three Risks

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Dr. Michael Hasenstab says while China’s transformation poses challenges, there are still reasons for optimism about China’s prospects.

Global Macro Shifts: China – Searching For a New Equilibrium

Global Macro Shifts: Divergent Monetary Policy

Dr. Michael Hasenstab examines developments and the divergent roles of monetary policy in the US, Greece, Eurozone, and Japan.

Global Macro Shifts: China – New Engines of Growth

Dr. Michael Hasenstab takes a closer look at China and the new growth engines that have emerged.

Global Macro Shifts: China – Demographic Shifts

Dr. Michael Hasenstab examines the evolution of China’s labor market and the possibility of falling into a middle-income trap.

Global Macro Shifts: China – Rise of the Private Sector

The government has long played an influential role in China’s economic rise. But Dr. Michael Hasenstab says key reforms and innovation have the private sector becoming increasingly more important.

Global Macro Shifts: China – Three Risks

Dr. Michael Hasenstab takes a closer look at the role of monetary policy, potential debt risks and the impact of the recent equity market turmoil.

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