What Is ‘Operation Mockingbird’?

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The mainstream News Media across the board (all of them) seem to be clearly under the control of an elite group of people (puppet-masters) in power (at levels above puppet governments in place) who are providing the narratives for media, which arguably are being employed to control the behavior of Americans using proven mind control methods based in well designed propaganda that is broadly distributed to develop a ‘herd’ mentality.

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For anyone who thinks such a statement might be far reaching, I offer Exhibit A herein below:

The following eye-opening video offers evidence of that statement:

The question of the moment might now be; what if anything can Americans do to regain control over their country?

Mainstream Media Under Control

The covid-19 issue is obviously a nightmare, but with the virtual entirety of the mainstream media under the control of puppet-masters who essentially are giving the media all their talking points (psychology for American consumption) coupled with the evolving economic disaster, the combination sets the stage for an Orwellian nightmare to unfold.

Most Americans were largely unprepared for the Covid Event (by design?), let alone the predicted Q2-2020 unemployment in America of "30%" (James Bullard - President Federal Reserve Bank - St. Louis), which has now come true, and is still growing...

So how can anyone now even suggest that these economic metrics, which are now baked into a cake is not leading to an unprecedented long-term disaster for America?  Denial is the worse thing we can engage upon as this situation is unfolding....

Bottom line, no-rose colored glasses expectation is; there will be no quick recovery... and there is a high probability that we'll have to endure severe austerity for years, as the media engages in a strategy of psychological operations on Americans.

Impact Of Covid-19 On The Economy

If we assume the American workforce at about 165+-million Americans; with 35-45% of America out of work (that's about 75-million Americans) in the next 60-90 days, there will be tens of millions of homes and farms that will go into foreclosure later this year and during 20121...

Farmers are already killing millions of baby livestock (pigs, chickens, etc.) because they cannot afford to raise them... milk and other products are being poured out like waste. Crops are not being planted.

Credit card defaults will be in the range of 100+ million cases, since credit cards are used by teens and family members who benefit financially from those who are part of the workforce. We can also expect that personal and corporate bankruptcies will skyrocket to unprecedented numbers. These consequences will put unbearable pressure on many banks that will ultimately fail.

Insurance companies will also start going under since they invest a significant part of their incomes from premiums invested into the stock market, which will react adversely to continued collapse...

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In consideration of the unfolding economic crises (NOTE: we have already surpassed the 25% unemployment rate seen during the Great Depression (1932-1940), and given the rate of filings for unemployment, we may reach 35-40% unemployed in America this year, doesn't it seem insane to be continuing any discussion of dam removals in America, further undermining American strength via clean hydroelectric production and fresh water storage?

Forbes: 'Real unemployment rate soars past 20%—and the U.S. has now lost 26.5 million jobs'

If Americans become dependent upon government handouts as things get worse, what happens if the government begins to attach strings to such handouts?

Here are a few potential first steps that many Americans can take to protect themselves by maintaining some independence and control over their own lives:

  1. Immediately build a backyard greenhouse and undertake food production and storage of crops via canning for winter uses.
  2. Organize communities and neighborhoods assessing and addressing your strengths and weaknesses; work out a plan on how to work together (I.E. larger community/neighborhood greenhouse and canning programs, neighborhood watch programs).
  3. Get prepared now for what is coming; start adding dry food stuffs and canned goods as well as other supplies to the cupboards, pantry, refrigerator and freezer.
  4. Think about installing a solar and gas powered generator system to power freezers and refrigerators when/if grid power becomes unreliable.
  5. Backyard livestock production is possible with chickens and goats, which can also provide milk and eggs.

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