McDonald’s Get Apple Fans Excited When iPhone 8 Appears In Marketing

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The iPhone 8 has not been immune to leaks. Even Apple has been one of the leaky culprits this summer with their HomePod firmware leak which revealed a number of previously unannounced iPhone 8 features. Now, it appears McDonald’s wants to get in on the excitement.

When showing off their mymaccas app in an ad that was emailed out to Australian McDonald’s lovers, the fast food restaurant used an iPhone 8 mockup to display their app. There’s no confusing this render for any other device out there. You can see the small cutout at the top of the display with the wraparound look. Inside the “bunny ears” you see connection and battery info. So, does McDonald’s know something we don’t? It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple gave McDonald’s an early look at the device for some sort of launch partnership. Check out the design for yourself:


Is that a look at the upcoming iPhone 8? I’m sorry to burst your bubble Apple fans but it looks like McDonald’s made an error in their marketing materials. That’s not a real iPhone 8 mockup but, instead, you’re actually looking at a render by Benjamin Geskin. He noticed his work and Tweeted to clear up any confusion.

One of the indicators is that this McDonald’s ad used circles for the signal strength indicator while iOS 11 has actually moved to using bars. The circles won’t be present in the iPhone 8. So you’re not actually looking at the iPhone 8. You’re looking at a designer who either didn’t know any better and grabbed the first image they stumbled across or you’re looking at a designer who knew exactly what they were doing and wanted to send the tech world into a frenzy. Either way, the tech world is in a frenzy. Twitter was exploding with people sharing the image until Benjamin Geskin stepped in to clear things up.

Really, you don’t need iPhone 8 mockup from McDonald’s to know what’s coming this fall. The iPhone 8 has been one of the leakiest devices I can remember. For example, we have had some great recent videos about the iPhone 8. One compares the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7S Plus and another video shows off the colors expected for the iPhone 8 which is rumored to be coming in black, white, and copper gold.

Plus, thanks to Apple’s firmware leak earlier this summer, we know about the design of the device as well as some of the new features. Apple pretty much confirmed the new display shape which will stretch from edge to edge. That big display means no more home button on the iPhone 8. Of course, TouchID was contained in the home button so Apple has likely moved it else where on the device but you may not even care about TouchID anymore once you’re introduced to PearlID.

PearlID is Apple’s new face unlock feature. It will use infrared cameras to scan the user’s face and perform certain security tasks – just like TouchID would. So, you will be able to use your beautiful smiling face to unlock your device, authorize Apple Pay purchases, and access secure apps.

Of course, some of the best features in the iPhone 8 won’t be hardware features; they will be coming courtesy of iOS 11. The update to iOS is currently in beta but will be released publicly soon. iOS 11 offers a lot more customization and new functionality for Siri, Apple Maps, and more. You can check out our top iOS 11 features list if you’re wondering what’s in store.

McDonald’s may be a great place to get a greasy burger and fries but it’s not the best place to get Apple leaks. This one turns out to be an existing render we have seen before. I’m putting on my conspiracy theory hat to say that this was a viral marketing stunt by McDonald’s to get their ad shared online thousands of times. If this was a viral marketing stunt then I tip my hat to you McDonald’s…Well played.

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