Matt Damon (For Some Reason) Speaks With CNBC At The World Economic Forum [Full Interview]

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CNBC Excerpts: Matt Damon Speaks With CNBC’s Tania Bryer at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland Today

The following are unofficial excerpts from a CNBC interview with actor and climate change campaigner Matt Damon and CNBC’s Tania Bryer today, Wednesday, January 23rd, live from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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Matt Damon weighs in on US politics and which Democrats he supports

Matt Damon weighs in on US politics and which Democrats he supports from CNBC.

TANIA BRYER: …But there’s so much worry, Gary, about climate change, you know, that’s one of the big topics, and because the U.S. have pulled out, you know, and the fact that they’re not supporting it. And Matt, I’ve got to ask you, I remember sitting exactly here, on the stage, with you and Gary, and it was 2017, January—


TANIA BRYER: And we— I asked you the question about the newly elected President Trump, and you said, ‘We’ve got to give him a chance.’ And I remember you saying that. How do you feel now?

MATT DAMON: Listen, I –

TANIA BRYER: It wasn’t meant to be funny.

MATT DAMON: I, what I said then, and what I still feel, is I root very strongly for the President of our country. I -- we need him to do well. We need-- you know, that’s good for everybody. And, obviously I didn’t vote for him. That’s not a secret. For anybody who’s ever heard me talk about anything, that’s probably not a surprise. But, that, you know, that doesn’t mean I don’t want what’s best for the country. I mean, we’re halfway through.

TANIA BRYER: You might not be halfway through, you never know.

MATT DAMON: Could be more.

TANIA BRYER: It could be.

MATT DAMON: We could be almost all the way through. You never know! But no, I I think every sensible person does root for the success of the American President, because obviously that has a huge effect on the entire world.

TANIA BRYER: Would you ever consider going in to politics?

MATT DAMON: Nope.No, thank you.

TANIA BRYER: But you’re always very eloquent, and passionate on the subject. You were at Harvard –

MATT DAMON: There are other wonderful people who are, you know – there’s a great group of politicians, up-and-coming that I’ll be happy to support. And some ones that have—that-- there’s some of the people who’ve been around for a long time, that I support.

TANIA BRYER: Who would you like to support? You’re saying that there are some that you would, can you—

MATT DAMON: There’s gonna be a huge democratic field. I mean, I personally, I love Joe Biden. And, especially now, particularly with our institutions under such attack—


MATT DAMON: I think it would be a great signal to the world, if we put somebody who is established, and very stable, and very wise. You know, just to right the ship, you know, and, I just-- but, look, there’s this huge field of up-and-coming, you know, people who are – you know, in California, we have, Kamala Harris, who I think is—


MATT DAMON: Absolutely brilliant, and—


MATT DAMON: I would love to see her someday be the President of the United States. And if that happened in 2020, I’d be very happy with that, too.

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