Market Correction Got You Down?

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Market Correction Got You Down?
Curreen Capital
Published on Feb 17, 2016
The Markets have dropped, in some cases into bear territory. Everyone (long) seems a bit down. Here’s how to think about it.

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0:00hitter you might have noticed that the stock market has gone down so far this
0:03year 2016 and every week look at the portfolio and society and the
0:14interesting thing is I keep talking to people and they tell me you know once we
0:18get past the stiff upper lip and you know the son of happiness and everybody
0:25feels better right now everybody is looking hard at their mistakes from last
0:30year they looking inside what did I do wrong
0:34oh I did that run it added that run into that wrong and I saw Canon loser and I
0:38just want to give him a hug as always think of that phrase beatings will
0:43continue until morale improves and their not ok to improve morale in a way to
0:48improve thinking so I want to give these people up and I'm reminded that this
0:52time of work by inspector wrote in the Q-three bellcore's letter last year when
0:57he retired and he wrote that there are two types of markets and two types of
1:02opportunities that you can take advantage of the first is needle in a
1:07haystack what are you looking for a spin off for bankruptcy exit or somewhere
1:11transaction or something that isn't really understood and you can pick out
1:14something very special that is misplaced and you can buy it now you can sort it
1:20but talk about that and that's one sort of thing and that's that's a general
1:26thing that I've been doing over the past few years the second type of market
1:30where you can find opportunities and take advantage of opportunities is the
1:34tide goes in and the tide goes out and right now the tide is going now you look
1:40at your portfolio it's probably decreased in value each week all year
1:45and maybe even back in December too but it's been many weeks of just pain feels
1:51like mister market has just come up in like plunged everybody in the gut and
1:56that sucks and when I want to say is like a everybody feels that way and be
2:02as value investors we have our third pillar of value investing which is don't
2:08let mr. market's moves influence your actions
2:11mister market moves are certainly going to influence your emotions and that's
2:16gonna feed into your thinking and it's going to distort how you view the world
2:19and you're gonna be depressed and sad and you know thinking hard about what
2:22you can tell right now that's that's not where I would go with this what you want
2:30to do is say hey everybody feels bad right now I feel like I just got dumped
2:36its terrible and I want to say to you that feeling in your stomach like you're
2:42a loser that feeling is your body telling you that there are opportunities
2:46out there for you to take advantage of you think it is it's not like I suck it
2:51means there are opportunities that's what the opportunity alarm sounds like
2:55when the tide goes out it sounds like you got dumped so look around where are
3:02the opportunities that you can take advantage of his now is the time to go
3:06look for a noting that the market had bottomed announcing that things are
3:10going to start going up or anything like that but I am saying everybody feels bad
3:14and that means that you can find something that you can take advantage of
3:19to go hunting let me know in the comments if you find something amazing I
3:23wanna know it is thanks guys

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