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Mario Gabelli: These Two Stocks will Double [VIDEO]

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Mario Gabelli: These Two Stocks will Double [VIDEO]

Mario Gabelli, Gamco Investors chairman, CEO & CIO, reveals the names of two companies that he believes are set to soar; GenCorp, and Legg Mason. Mario Gabelli also talks about investing in spinoffs and The famous value investor explained the bullish case for the two stocks in a CNBC interview. The video and computer generated transcipt can be found below:

believe — we call him dr. love, it’s been a long time. valentine’s day on thursday. it is. because he likes companies to t together. to get together. that’s basically it. and make baby companies? well, spin offs are important. a terrific way to klee eight value for the shareholders. and then financial engineering all of which is a sub seth. on the other side of the coin you have companies that want to grow and do transactions to grow and you’re going to see a lot more of that. dell being an examplef that. and apple being an example of that. if you were a shareholder, maybe you are, would you be suing right now? look, we did cable vision, and we voted against the deal. we were one of several that had a significant impact. the stock then went from 36 to 9. it was painful. but we bought more. and as a result of the spinoffs of madison square garden and amcx the values are higher today and with cable vision itself being lower — you happy about that decision? because it took a long stock — that’s andrew’s point about dell. rated five stars. our average turnover is 8% which means we hold stocks for four years. we are not day traders. we’re buying businesses. we like the allocation of capital. we like to look at things — so money — was it worth waiting all this time? value of money what 1% or 10%? you know — you could have put your money into dell and lost it. of course you know the answer is i have what i have, which is madison square garden was spun off at 18, it’s 54. amcx was spun off at 28.30. if you were a dell shareholder today would you be voting against this deal? i basically always view insider transactions where an individual knows more than i do about a company. one of the reasons we voted against the cable vision we wanted a little bit different approach with regards to callbacks and so on. i don’t have an ax to grind in dell. i think we bought in our accounts at 13.35 when the deal was announced. i think southeastern asset management has a point view. i think the structure of cash and cash no different than any r deal just bigger than most. it’s not a complicated deal. would i vote against it? if the markets are down 1,000 points, even southeastern — 10,000 on the dow, they may take the cash and run. you know, there’s a lot of dynamics at play and got a long time to worry about this one. okay. apple, you know, i think is an extraordinarily attractive tax deal for shareholders. because the preferred you get is taxable income i’m told it can be treated as dividend. the david einhorn deal idea? it’s a very creative idea. we’ll talk more about that. always. and i’ll give you some ideas. don’t go anywhere. dr. love is going to give us stocks. meantime democrats’ expectations for president obama’s big speech, house minority whip steny hoyer is going to join us in just a few minutes. tomorrow on squawk our guest host the always outspoken sam zell.

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