Mario’s Millennial Monday’s – What Are Closed-End Funds?

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Mario’s Millennial Monday’s – Closed-End Funds at a Discount with David Schachter

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Closed-End Funds At A Discount


When you shop you look for a discount where the buy in clothing jewelry or cause people like to buy at an attractive price. Shoppers love to get deals and make sure to look for discounts. Who doesn't like discounts of 5 10 or even 20 percent. Did you know that you could also buy an entire portfolio of securities at a discount to if you look for a discount when you buy most merchandise. Why wouldn't you want to do the same when you invest. Hello. My name is David Schachter I'm a senior vice president at Gabelli Funds and they're specialized for almost 35 years in an often overlooked area of investment closed end funds closed end funds or investment companies and investment trusts have been around for a long time long before more widely recognized mutual funds or exchange traded funds. But unlike a mutual fund or an ETF. Or a closed and fund to start redeem its shares and can Schrade on a stock exchange often at a market price below its net asset value. That's right. You can buy an entire professionally managed portfolio of stocks bonds at a market price below its net asset value. Closed and funds can trade below their net asset value at discounted market prices 5 percent 10 15 to 20 percent or more. They potentially offer you extraordinary value for your money and that is what makes closed funds so intriguing. Many investors are simply unaware of the values you may find by investing in a closed and fund. So please take a minute to learn about this unique investment vehicle and watch the video buy what have our portfolio managers. If you have any questions are water free report on investment companies or to simply learn more. Call us at Gabelli Funds at 800 Capelli that's 800 4 2 2 3 5 5 4. Thank you.

The mocker prosper closing the fund is based on the Pine demand which approximates it based on many factors such as economic conditions global events and sentiment sentiments and security specific factors. There is no assurance that a hundred two of its investment objectives and you can lose money by investing in your clothes and the.

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