The Love-Hate-Love Relationship Between Patrick Byrne, Wall Street And Blockchain

The Love-Hate-Love Relationship Between Patrick Byrne, Wall Street And Blockchain
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What if we told you that in 10 years, there would be no more stock exchanges. That the traditional way of trading stocks and bonds was an institution that had outlived its usefulness. That the arbiter of the exchanges’ demise, blockchain, already was here and being used by millions of people every day all over the globe.

Most likely, if you had any experience with trading stocks or bonds, you would laugh and call us foolish. Well, maybe you shouldn’t. Because not only is blockchain here, it already is being used to trade stocks in the United States. Thanks to the persistence, ingenuity and resources of one person, we could very well be at an inflection point in the way that Wall Street works.

Meet Patrick Byrne, the man leading the charge to change the way we trade. Patrick is the controversial and insightful CEO of and the founder of the first SEC-approved blockchain-based trading venue for stocks in the US. Patrick has a long and storied history with Wall Street, and it is through that story that we learn about his vision for a future Wall Street; one that may curb the excesses of the past, including naked short selling and the engineered complexity of modern trading.

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