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The smartphone marketplace is particularly crowded in 2018, so what will be best new phones of the calendar year? Here ValueWalk counts down ten of the top performers.

New iPhone

The branding of the new iPhone is not exactly decided, with Apple having changed its tune by releasing the iPhone X. What is certain is that the next generation of iPhone will undoubtedly be one of the best new phones of 2018, and equally one of the most commercially successful.

But it will be a major challenge for Apple to deliver something new and exciting with the next iPhone, after the iPhone X reinvigorated the brand with its wraparound display. It has been suggested that all three models of the next iPhone will feature OLED technology, while Apple will also build on the augmented reality features it included in the iPhone X.

Whatever Apple chooses to do, the prospect of the next iPhone selling extremely well is about as likely as the sun rising in the morning!

Best new phones
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Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 9 will undoubtedly be one of the best new phones of 2018, and could be the Samsung mobile to introduce 4K resolution. Samsung has preserved its highest specifications for the Galaxy Note range, meaning that the Galaxy Note 9 will be a smartphone well worth look forward to.

Aside from 4K resolution, the Galaxy Note 9 has been linked with some truly outstanding photographic capabilities, meaning that this could be the best smartphone camera ever released. 2018 could also be the year where some of the more advanced features linked with the S pen stylus over the years finally come to fruition, meaning the innovative speaker system that has been reported on previously may arrive.

Regardless of this, the Galaxy Note 9 will probably be the highest spec mobile on this list.

Galaxy S9 Plus design
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Galaxy S9

Of all the smartphones released in 2018, there is perhaps the most pressure on the flagship Galaxy S9 from Samsung than any other. This mobile must respond to the hugely successful iPhone X from Apple, and provide premium smartphone consumers with a reason to switch to the Korean corporation.

This will be difficult considering that the Galaxy S9 is not expected to be a major redesign of this year’s Galaxy S8. Samsung will instead rely on spec upgrades for this mobile, while the camera is also expected to be improved, and will probably embrace a dual-lens unit.

Xperia XZ1
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Xperia XZ1 Premium

Sony certainly hasn’t had huge success in the smartphone niche, and will hope to change this reality with the release of the Xperia XZ1 Premium. Whether or not this is realistic in such a crowded marketplace is doubtful, though, and the Z1 Premium will definitely need to be one of the best new phones of 2018 to make much of an impression.

New LG G7 Concept Images
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LG is a highly regarded smartphone manufacturer, but one that has struggled to overcome the duopoly of Apple and Samsung. But the LG G7 will almost certainly be one of the best new phones of 2018, after previous LG releases were extremely highly regarded.

Expect one of the best displays in the smartphone range from the LG G7, coupled with an outstanding camera. Definitely not one to miss for smartphone fans who like to experience the state of the art in the industry.

Nokia 9 Dual Selfie Camera
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Nokia 1

Nokia is undoubtedly a legendary name in the smartphone space, and the Nokia 1 will be one of the best new phones of 2018. While the organisation of the company has changed completely over the years, following the fall from grace of Nokia in the smartphone market, it is still refreshing to see this brand alive and well.

The Nokia 1 will aim at the more affordable end of the market, and deliver a smartphone experience that will be one of the more refreshing in the Android sphere.

Google Pixel 3 Wishlist
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Google Pixel 3

Google has yet to achieve the successes with its smartphone division that the corporation clearly hoped for, but the purchase of HTC may help out the Google Pixel 3. Codenamed Crosshatch, Albacore and Blueline, the three units of the Pixel 3 will provide consumers with a fair amount of choice in 2018, with Google likely to significantly upgrade the specifications from last year’s efforts.

This could result in a dual-camera, while battery life improvements have also been anticipated.

HTC U12 Release Date
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HTC will still be producing its own smartphones despite the semi-merger with Google, and the HTC U12 will be the first of these units. HTC is widely regarded as one of the greatest manufacturers of smartphone technology on the planet, and this will hopefully be reflected in the U12.

Expect one of the most technologically advanced mobiles on the market when this device is released, with some impressive specifications also included. This is another device which could embrace 4K resolution in 2018, what the U12 is also expected to include virtual reality features.

OnePlus 6 Concept
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OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 will be the latest handset from this innovative manufacturer. OnePlus has yet to really impact on the mainstream market, while still being applauded by critics and a small and loyal band of consumers alike.

Thus, the OnePlus 6 will include the usual excellent design and intriguing bells and whistles, making this one of the best new phones of 2018, and a strong competitor for those who like to be a little different.

Huawei-P11 X concept design
Image: Screenshot / YouTube

Huawei P11

The Huawei P11 will be intended to continue the gains that the manufacturer is making in the East Asian marketplace, while ushering the brand into Western consciousness. In order to achieve this, Huawei will follow on from Apple and ditch the headphone jack in the P11.

While the P11 will be a relatively affordable smartphone, it should still feature decent specs, and ultimately deliver a smartphone experience that is rather enjoyable, at a realistic price tag well under the $1,000 RRP for the next iPhone.

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