Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8: Which phone is better in terms of features and price?

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Undoubtedly the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 war has been one of the key battles in the smartphone niche this year. The two mainstream smartphones of the biggest manufacturers in the mobile marketplace are intended to attract a large number of consumers, but which phone has the better features and more suitable price tag?

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8


Firstly, design is obviously a key aspect of the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 comparison, and neither phone lets down consumers here. The iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8 are both attractive smartphones, but it could be said that the Samsung effort is more attractive due to its curved Infinity display. The narrow 18.5:9 aspect ratio is also pleasing, while the Galaxy S8 also manages to pack more screen real estate into an equally compact design.

Furthermore, the Samsung mobile even weighs almost exactly the same as the iPhone 8, despite the larger screen, meaning that the Galaxy S8 unquestionably wins out in this department.

Advantage: Galaxy S8


Display is a defining front in the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 battle, and the fact that the iPhone 8 does not include an OLED screen, as is the case with the iPhone X, is obviously a black mark against it. Samsung has long since included OLED in all of its smartphone releases, and this is the case once more with the Galaxy S8 generation.

The resolution of the Galaxy S8 is also far superior to the iPhone 8, with the Apple smartphone not even reaching full HD. Considering the quad HD+ resolution of the Samsung smartphone, there really is very little comparison between the two devices here, with the Galaxy S8 winning out easily.

Advantage: Galaxy S8


Performance will clearly define the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 comparison to a great extent, so which one of these smartphones comes out on top here? Well, benchmark testing indicates that the A11 Bionic chip in the iPhone 8 performs at a level which simply cannot be matched by the Galaxy S8, handing the Apple smartphone a massive advantage in this department.

Advantage: iPhone 8


Photographic capabilities are central to the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 war, and this is one area in which it is actually difficult to separate the two devices. Both the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 cameras have their own particular strengths. But the sensor included in the iPhone 8 is both faster and larger, and the 2x optical zoom and portrait modes particularly impressed.

Furthermore, the lighting of photography produced by the Apple unit is particularly impressive, meaning that it ultimately edges out its Samsung rival in this department.

Advantage: iPhone 8

Special features

Considering the outlay required for the two smartphones, the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 comparison is naturally informed by the special features included in the two devices. Apple has gone to great lengths in an attempt to make its more affordable smartphone release of 2017 more attractive to consumers, beginning with including wireless charging for the first time. Both iPhone 8 handsets work with charging pads that support the Qi standard. But this has, of course, being offered by Samsung for several years, while the Galaxy S8 also delivers the USB-C standard.

The Galaxy S8 also makes it possible to run two applications simultaneously side-by-side, with the multi-window feature particularly valuable. Siri is a better personal assistant than Bixby, but Samsung has nonetheless improved its AI and closed the gap on Apple.

And the DeX dock effectively turns the smartphone from Samsung into a mini PC, while the Gear VR accessory enables users of the smartphone to experience virtual reality applications, movies and games. While there are some nifty little touches included in the most recent iOS 11 system, they don’t really add up to the sort of functionality that the Galaxy S8 boasts.

Advantage: Galaxy S8

Battery life

Battery life will obviously be important in the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 comparison, as consumers always want to use their phones for the longest amount of time possible. And it may not be hugely surprising to learn that the Samsung smartphone outperforms the iPhone 8 here. Apple devices have long since been criticized for their lack of battery life, and although the situation has improved with Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 8 nonetheless trails in behind the Galaxy S8 here.

Users of the Galaxy S8 can expect an extra 10 percent battery lifecycle from their smartphones in comparison to the iPhone 8, meaning that the S8 is a clear winner once again.

Advantage: Galaxy S8


Pricing obviously has a massive impact on the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8 battle, and the fact that the Apple smartphone begins at a price tag that is slightly more affordable is obviously an advantage. Although the extra $21 for the Galaxy S8 won’t break the bank, it is nonetheless a plus point for Apple that it managed to get its flagship out to market at a $699 RRP.

Advantage: iPhone 8


Although the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 are the two most prominent budget premium smartphones available, it must be said that the Samsung device slightly outperforms the iPhone 8. The iPhone 8 includes a very decent camera, and is also marginally cheaper than at the Galaxy S8, while its processor also impresses. But overall it is impossible to assert that the Apple device offers as good value for money as the Samsung handset, and those looking for the better value for money should undoubtedly opt for the Galaxy S8.

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