Leon Cooperman’s Observations on Life: 67 Minute Presentation + Q&A

Leon Cooperman’s Observations on Life: 67 Minute Presentation + Q&A
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A video was just posted of Leon Cooperman speaking on September 18, 2012 at the Mario Gabelli School of Business. Leon Cooperman speaks to Students on the topic of life lessons from finance. Besides for talking about life lessons and philanthropy  Cooperman talks about finance. He is bullish on the market, and thinks it is cheap relative to interest rates. Cooperman takes questions from the audience at the end of his presentation. The full video lasts slightly over 67 minutes.

Leon Cooperman's Observations on Life: 67 Minute Presentation + Q&A

Cooperman’s main points are summed up in an article from the University’s website

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Leon Cooperman’s “Observations on Life” for students pursuing careers in finance:

• “Nothing is more important than family.”

• Support and trust your friends.

• Act in a way that won’t embarrass you: “Live your life as an open book.”

• Find work you like to do and work with people you admire and respect.

• Treat everyone – superiors as well as those perceived to be inferior – with respect and courtesy. “It will come back and reward you in many ways.”

• Once you achieve financial success, help others achieve the American dream.

The full video is embedded below:

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