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Kodi vs. Torrents: Which one is better?

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For an entertainment buff who wants nothing more than lounging in the living room bingeing on her favorite movies and TV shows, there are multitude of options to watch all your favorite content from around the world right from the living room screen. While Netflix might is likelier to top the charts, two of the options not far behind are Kodi and torrents!

Kodi and torrents both have been the center of attention of many, users and authorities alike, for different reasons of course. My take on this today will be to discuss this from a user’s perspective. “Which is better?” is an age old question in the mind of torrent and Kodi users.

While there may be fan-boys and fan-girls with their loyalties pledged to a specific format, some may find themselves thinking, “why not both?” Both Kodi and torrenting have a number of pros and cons. In this article, I’ll cover each and tell you which is more suited to your entertainment needs.

Why Use Kodi?

Formerly known as Xbox Media Center or XBMC, Kodi is an incredibly popular media streaming platform. With a recently-improved user interface and cross-platform compatibility, a lot of entertainment buffs have moved to Kodi from torrenting. Here is why:

  1. Instant streaming

Unlike torrenting where you have to download huge files before you can watch them, Kodi gives you instant access to your favorite content from around the world. All you have to do is download the relevant repository and you can watch movies and even the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, anime and much more. All you have to do is install the right add-on.

  1. Massive library of content

Kodi gives you access to massive libraries that include virtually everything from the latest, most popular movies and TV shows to timeless classics. This provides a welcome change for torrenters who have to risk visiting torrent sites (that are under DMCA scrutiny) to download movies and TV shows.

  1. Live TV

The one major advantage that Kodi has over torrenting is that it gives you access to live TV. All you have to do is download any of the numerous Kodi add-ons and you gain unrestricted access to any TV channel anywhere in the world. So you can watch your favorite sports events like UFC, Wimbledon, Formula 1 Grand Prix and much more live without the need to subscribe to a cable operator.

  1. Cross-platform compatibility

Although initially available on just Xbox, Kodi is now compatible with a wide range of devices, platforms and OS. You can install Kodi on Linux, Windows, Android and even Mac and iOS devices. Moreover, the installation process is fairly simple and takes absolutely no time at all.

What Makes Torrent So Special?

Torrenting has its pros and cons too. Here is why many people still prefer to download torrents rather than streaming on Kodi:

  1. Downloading Actual Files

The best benefit of torrenting over Kodi streaming is that you download the file to your hard drive. This way, you can access it offline at any time. You can also carry the file around or move and copy it to other drives too. On the other hand, the limitation with Kodi streaming is that you need to be connected to the internet at all times.

  1. Less Conspicuous

A lot of internet users actually believe that torrenting is less conspicuous than Kodi streaming meaning that it is less susceptible to DMCA scrutiny. This is because Kodi streaming is for actual cord-cutters who can stream virtually anything from movies and TV shows to live sports and live TV on their Kodi device. And from the last point, once the file is on your physical hard drive, it can essentially be copied to any other device.

  1. Click & download

Unlike Kodi streaming where you have to download repositories and add-ons in order to access movies and TV shows, all it takes to download a torrent is a torrent client like BitTorrent. Also, the best torrent clients are available on all leading platforms and operating systems so once you have the client, all you have to do is search for the torrent download link, click it and let the torrent client do the rest.

An Expert’s Take on the Subject Matter

But like I said, these two apps, though almost as popular as Netflix, may not be as ethical to say the least. Owing to DMCA notices and whatnot, many are already seeking the means to protect themselves. One of the most common methods include using a VPN to stream or torrent, depending upon the case.

What is it that encourages entertainment buffs to use a VPN though? Here’s what Eduard Yegor, an expert on cybers-ecurity and Marketing Manager for Ivacy VPN, had to comment on the topic in an interview correspondence:

Safety is a major matter of concern for most entertainment buffs, especially after stricter regulations imposed by DMCA and other similar bodies on piracy. Many popular torrent website have been shut down by anti-piracy advocates while Kodi streaming has is also deemed illegal in certain countries. A VPN gives entertainment buffs an edge over DMCA scrutiny as it anonymizes them online.

With a VPN, a user can mask her IP address and anonymize herself when downloading P2P files of say, her favorite movies and TV shows. This, though not a recommended, is nevertheless one way to avoid DMCA notices and prevent the ISP in question from logging the user’s torrenting activity.

Another catch here is that in a lot of countries, there are no strict laws on Kodi, online streaming or torrenting. So in a lot of cases, users just make use of a VPN to log in from that region to stream or torrent, essentially masking themselves as a user from that nation.


The debate between whether torrenting is better than Kodi streaming or vice versa is a never-ending one. Of course, both Kodi and torrents have their pros and cons but in the end it all depends on which one fits the need and which one the user finds to be more convenient and useful.

Article by Brad Haddin

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