Jim Grant Gives Rare Stock Pitch on Company From Russia!

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Jim Grant Gives Rare Stock Pitch on Company From Russia!

Jim Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer makes a bold call, recommending the purchase of three stocks that are extremely unpopular but have good fundamentals.


the fed will or will not do. the way to proceed in investing is look for margin of safety, universally viable, cheap and promising on the basis of fundamentals. i have a nomination for you. okay. the most loathed and detested securities are common equity of russian oil companies. luke oil, rosnev, gasprom, trading at six times. is that it? upward of 4%. luke oil is the most westernized the of the three. reports in english gap. and i think you can buy the adrs here. they trade in relatively liquid fashion in london. gasprom is most like vladimir putin in that it reports intermittently or at length in russian. gas prom is meant to be the world’s worst company, bloomberg news announced it at such. it trades at less than three times earning? what if things go right? insider buying there, multiple reserves, a tiny fraction of not only american oil makers but also of emerging market oil companies. emerging markets — i like the dividend story. i like the oil story. because oil is at $107 a barrel right now. right. emerging markets are generally out of favor. not is so out of favor than russian oil. grant observer, taking the realm into russian industry — i think you should stick your neck out here. that’s what necks are for. these answer value investor’s

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