Jeffrey Gundlach: Lever 100X And Short Bunds [THE VIDEO]

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Milken FINALLY posted this video (just a few moments ago)  the famous Gundlach lever up and short bunds. Check it out below and stay tuned hopefully more slides will be coming out

Jeffrey Gundlach – Follow The Flow: How Asset Management Is Reshaping The Global Financial System by Milken Institute


Erik Schatzker, Anchor and Editor-at-Large, Bloomberg Television


Kent Clark, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs; Chief Investment Officer, AIMS Hedge Fund Strategies

Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO and Chief Investment Officer, DoubleLine Capital L.P.

David Harding, CEO, Winton

John Skjervem, Chief Investment Officer, Oregon State Treasury

Jes Staley, Managing Partner, BlueMountain Capital Management LLC

Assets under management continue to grow and, by some forecasts, global AUM will top $100 trillion by 2020. Yet its concentration in fewer and fewer hands is a trend proceeding in parallel and raising the dangers associated with herd behavior and pro-cyclical investment strategies. Financial globalization is leading to more intense ebbs and flows of capital across borders, changing the fortunes of not only investors, but nations. In addition, the growth in the asset management industry is fundamentally changing the ways markets function – absorbing certain roles that used to be entirely the domain of investment banks – and distributing risk in unexpected ways. In light of these developments, are there systemic risks posed by concentration of assets or is the alarm borne from a fundamental misunderstanding of the role that managers play? In this new era, how is risk distributed? What new paradigms exist for analyzing it? The investors on this panel will discuss these and other conditions transforming the global monetary system.

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