James Simons: Using Mathematics To Beat The Market

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An interview with billionaire mathematician and founder of the hedge fund Renaissance Technologies, James Simons. In this interview James discusses using data to find trends in the stock market. James also talks about his early life and interest in Mathematics.

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Video Segments:
0:00 NSA
0:56 Getting fired
2:24 Working with Churn
3:00 Paper on spheres
4:26 Your theory applied in physics
5:28 Demonstration
7:34 Taking work into higher dimensions
8:33 Beating the market with Renaissance
9:51 Getting data from market line
10:56 Testing trends in the stock market
11:24 Staying ahead
12:19 Creating a culture
12:45 Role of machine learning
13:07 What data do you look at?
13:51 Anomalies
14:24 Worries about the financial industry
15:35 Higher fees
16:12 Too much talent going into finance
16:54 Philanthropy
18:06 Math for america
19:07 Research into Origins of Life
22:06 Secrets of success

Interview Date: 25 September, 2015
Event: TED
Original Image Source:http://bit.ly/JSimons


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