Jailbroken iPhone Users Can Get Quick Charging Now

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While most Apple fans won’t get quick charging until the iPhone 7‘s release (or later if Apple doesn’t add it), users of jailbroken iPhones can already enjoy it. Quick charging is rapidly gaining in popularity, particularly in light of how poor the battery life on some devices is.

Wolfram tweak on jailbroken iPhones allows quick charging

Redmond Pie explains how to enable quick charging on jailbroken iPhones using the Wolfram tweak. Basically the tweak uses the battery management system included by Apple in iPhones to “simulate” quick charging, the website explains. By using the battery management system, Wolfram is able to “kickstart charges” to make it appear as if the iPhone is quick charging.

Many smartphones already offer this technology, which basically speeds up the pace at which the phone charges in the beginning of the charging period. This enables users to quickly get some battery life into their phones so that they don’t have to wait as long. It’s particularly handy for those who notice that their smartphone is just about dead within minutes of the time they have to rush out the door.

As has been the case in other areas, Apple is lagging behind the competition in getting quick charging technology into its phones. Most hope the iPhone 7 will have this capability, but it will be months before we find out if there’s any truth to these rumors.

How the Wolfram tweak works

Users of jailbroken iPhones can download Wolfram from Cydia. The tweak senses when the user has plugged a Lightening cable into their iPhone and activates Low Power Mode immediately. This causes the iPhone to use less power while it’s charging, which results in more power being sent directly to the battery before the iPhone gets unplugged. As soon as the Lightning cable is pulled out, the tweak takes the iPhone back out of Low Power Mode, thus making it seem like quick charging is on the iPhone when it actually isn’t.

Of course jailbroken iPhone users are certainly in the minority as the average iPhone user probably doesn’t have the experience or knowledge necessary to jailbreak their phone safely, but if the iPhone 7 really does have quick charging, then jailbreaking and using the Wolfram tweak won’t be necessary.

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