iPhone5 On T-Mobile, Could Start An Innovation

iPhone5 On T-Mobile, Could Start An Innovation
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Yesterday, T-Mobile officially confirmed that the iPhone5 will arrive in mid-April. Now that all four of the main US phone carriers offer the current Apple phone, consumers have a real choice. Unlike the other three carriers, T-Mobile is offering something new: a contract free iPhone5 that is not pre-paid. The company also gives customers to choices to purchase their smartphones. They could either pay the full price of the phone upfront or pay a monthly fee as part of the instalment plan. T-Mobile is also offering this new plan for all their phones.

iPhone5 On T-Mobile, Could Start An Innovation

Last year, the iPhone5 arrive and although it wasn’t a completely revolutionized version, it still was the same phone most consumers loved, only upgraded.

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The iPhone on T-Mobile will be a little fresh and different. This version will feature a backup network on HSPA+ 42, which means if you get out of the T-Mobile 4G LTE range where they will be moved to the HSPA+ 42 network which is super-fast. Users who want to use FaceTime may want to opt for the unlimited data plan ($20 extra) which will allow them to talk all they want without having to worry about data usage. The iPhone5 on T-Mobile also supports HD voice, which enhances the quality of phone calls and reduces background noise. The one downside with this new phone is that there will be no Wi-Fi calling. This means that unlike the other T-Mobile phones, users won’t be able to make phone calls through broadband for no additional charge. Although this feature won’t be available from the start, it may arrive sometime later in the near future.

With the new iPhone5 and the contract-free smartphone plans, T-Mobile might just revolutionize the smartphone market if it catches on. At the very least, the iPhone5 is now available for everyone.

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