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Now that the dust has settled on the latest Apple smartphone release, it is interesting to make an iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus camera comparison. The photographic capabilities of the new device are deemed to be a major selling point of the premium Apple mobile, and of course one would expect to see a serious improvement over the previous iPhone 7 generation.

It is fairer to make an iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus comparison rather than pitting the iPhone X against the iPhone 7, as the iPhone 7 Plus features a dual-camera, and is intended to offer the best photographic performance of the last generation releases.

iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus

Provost test

The iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus comparison has been prompted by a recent experiment conducted by Dan Provost of Studio Neat, which found that the iPhone X is able to switch to its built-in telephoto lens in less time than the iPhone 7 Plus.

Measuring this quality of the smartphone involved a rather nifty study, in which Provost created an environment which made it possible for him to measure the amount of light absorbed by each device. Although the study cannot be considered to be scientific, it is a physical manifestation of some of the criticisms originally levelled at the iPhone 7 Plus.

When Apple introduced this phablet and it dual-lens camera system, it was noted by the Apple-following community that the telephoto lens was not as responsive as may have been desired. In particular, iPhone users attempting to capture images at 2x zoom found that the device utilizes the wide-angle lens, particularly in dark shooting conditions.

This prompted criticism from camera and photography enthusiasts, although Apple had intended to produce a device that delivers the maximum output for the widest possible number of users. This is basically inevitable considering the scale and mainstream appeal of the smartphone.

Apple iPhone 7 plus
Image: Sheeraz Raza, ValueWalk

Less access

Provost’s test discovered that the iPhone X accesses the telephoto lens included in the device at significantly lower light levels than the iPhone 7 Plus. This means that, aside from the improvements made in the iPhone X generation, that the photographic capabilities of the smartphone are fundamentally superior to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Of course, different results may occur in different testing conditions, but it does seem that the iPhone X is the superior performer in terms of accessing the telephoto lens and shooting in low-light conditions.

Elsewhere, the iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus camera comparison also thankfully comes down in favor of the newer device. This should certainly be considered requisite, as the iPhone X obviously costs in the region of $1,000, which is a pretty hefty price even for arguably the most desired and sought-after smartphone in the world.

Testing has indicated that the iPhone X is superior in low-light shooting conditions, delivering images with virtually no visible grain whatsoever. Apple’s efforts to improve performance in this area must be acclaimed, as photography in darker conditions is a typical bugbear of smartphone shooters.

iPhone 7 Plus Review

Color reproduction

Another aspect of the iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus comparison which bodes well for the iPhone X is the color reproduction of the two cameras. The warmth of the colors produced by the iPhone X has been shown to be clearly superior to the iPhone 7 Plus in testing conditions. This means that the photographs produced by the new smartphone simply appear more authentic.

Elsewhere, it is it clear that the iPhone X significantly outperforms the iPhone 7 Plus in terms of its ability to crop everyday photography. Ultimately, a smartphone camera is intended to be a spontaneous device, used to capture little moments in everyday life. And the iPhone X does a sterling job of achieving just this.

Not only is the clarity of images captured by the iPhone X superior to the iPhone 7 Plus, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the smartphone even competes with standalone cameras. This is no mean feat considering the other functionality also included in the Apple smartphone. Yet some observers have asserted that the value of the snapper included in the iPhone X would be worth around $600 if it were a dedicated camera.

Optical image stabilization

One final aspect of the iPhone X which critics believe has improved over the iPhone 7 Plus release is the optical image stabilization feature. This is a critical aspect of any camera, particularly for those of us with minimal photographic skills. And the iPhone X does a wonderful job of ensuring that images are always clear and never blurred, thanks to the outstanding image stabilization system Apple has included.

Overall, although the iPhone 7 Plus remains an entirely credible competitor, there is no doubt that the camera in the iPhone X is superior, as the recent Provost test has proved.

iPhone X vs iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode Comparison

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