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All iPhone X Colors Will Feature Black Front Panel

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With just days to go until the launch of the iPhone X, we are getting more information about the design from trusted analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo. You have likely heard of Ming-Chi Kuo or, at least, heard of his rumors. He is an analyst with KGI Securities and, given his history, people take notice when he makes a prediction about anything Apple-related.

You may recall that he correctly predicted the iPhone X colors about a month ago. His prediction appears to have been backed up by the iPhone X sim tray leak. Now, Ming-Chi Kuo is doubling down on that prediction and adding to it.

In the original prediction, Kuo said that the iPhone X colors would include black, silver, and gold. He is also adding to the original prediction by claiming that all iPhone X colors will ship with a black front panel. Of course, with the new bezel-less design of the iPhone X, there won’t be much of a front panel to speak of.

Most of the front panel will be the new OLED display that Apple has chosen for the iPhone X. The only area where people will notice the black panel will be the notch at the top of the display where the earpiece and front-facing sensors are housed, including the new infrared sensor that will be used for face scanning.

The decision to go with a black front panel on all iPhone X colors rather than offer white as well is likely a decision to streamline production for the new device. If the rumors of production delays with the new OLED displays are true, then it would be smart for Apple to reduce any other areas where manufacturing delays could cause a serious shortage of available devices on release day.

One of the most interesting things about the display is the big change it will bring to the way the iPhone operates. Every model of iPhone since the original has had a home button. Now, with a bezel-less display on the iPhone X, there’s no room for a home button. Some rumors have suggested that the iPhone X will use gestures to navigate throughout the device. Other rumors also indicate that TouchID has been moved elsewhere on the device – most likely incorporated as a part of the power/lock button.

Of course, we won’t have to wait long to find out if a black front panel is, in fact, used for all iPhone X colors. Apple’s big launch event is coming on September 12th where we expect so finally see the iPhone X, or whatever they name it, live and up close.

Best of all, even if you’re not an iPhone fan, there should be plenty of stuff to see during Apple’s event. We expect to see a new Apple Watch this week as well as a new, 4K-ready Apple TV. Plus, there will likely be more to see about Apple’s upcoming HomePod as well as new iOS 11 features. This week is one of the most exciting weeks in the tech industry!

The official reveal of the iPhone X is right around the corner. It looks like we have the iPhone X colors pinned down but, of course, nothing is official until Apple announces it on stage. Are you getting excited for the big event this week? This 10th anniversary event of the iPhone promises to be one of the biggest Apple launches in recent memory. The rumor mill is likely to be working overtime this week so we will surely have plenty to talk about prior to Apple’s event this week. Stay tuned for plenty of information as September 12th grows closer. We will be sure to cover all of the new leaks as they come along.

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