New iPhone 8 Color Options Shown In Latest Leak

New iPhone 8 Color Options Shown In Latest Leak
Image source: Benjamin Geskin, Twitter

The iPhone 8 launch event is coming next week and it appears the leak factory is churning out new bits of info to chew on prior to the big launch. Apple has not been able to keep a lid on iPhone 8 information this summer. In fact, they have even leaked a bunch of information themselves. Still, there’s plenty still up in the air regarding the new iPhone 8. For example, we don’t know the iPhone 8 color options that will be available on release day. There have been some rumors and videos with dummy devices but no solid evidence. That is; until now.

Popular and trusted leaker, Benjamin Geskin, Tweeted an image of the supposed iPhone 8 sim trays. I know what you’re thinking… “Oh! Sim trays! Let me sit down for this one!” Yes, this isn’t the sexiest iPhone 8 rumor kicking around. Still, the sim trays give us an idea of the iPhone 8 color options because the trays are painted to match the device color. That means the color of the sim tray is the color of the device. So, if you were concerned about what colors would be available, then this leak might be a big deal to you. Check out the sim trays for yourself:

As you can see from the above images; it looks like we will be getting copper gold and silver iPhone 8 color options. The copper gold color has been rumored all summer long and we have been wondering what exactly copper gold looks like. Well, here you go. And, for the record, it appears that the color is officially being called “blush” gold rather than copper gold. I definitely see where the copper comparison came from, though. I also like the blush gold color. It’s an improvement on the rose gold color which is more pink than gold. This blush gold should appeal to a much wider audience than rose gold.

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iPhone 8 Color Options
Image source: Benjamin Geskin, Twitter

The silver sim tray looks to be a darker silver, much like the space grey from years past. You could almost call it black but the black device is actually completely black like you see in the jet black iPhone 7 model. Of course, these sim trays wont give us a great idea of how the device actually looks. For that, we will likely have to wait for some more leaks or even the actual iPhone 8 launch event. Because of the rumors of wireless charging coming to the iPhone 8, the material used for the body of the device will be different from what we saw in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. We are likely going to see a glass and/or plastic body which will allow the device to work with wireless charging.

It’s also unclear if we will get any other iPhone 8 color options on release day. Some earlier rumors this summer suggested that Apple was going to offer limited color options in order to streamline manufacturing. I guess we won’t have to wait long to find out if that’s true or not. Given that such a small number of sim trays have leaked, I would say it appears that Apple has limited iPhone 8 color options but there is always the possibility that not all sim trays were revealed. The one color noticeably absent from this leak, for example, is white. We have seen white dummy devices and heard rumors about a white iPhone 8 but, as you can see, the white sim tray is not shown in this leak.

Of course, the iPhone 8 color options wont be the only exciting thing to be revealed next week during Apple’s big event. We should get to see a lot of the rumored features in action on the big stage. Personally, I’m most excited to learn more about iPhone 8 gestures. With the new design and the loss of the home button; I want to see how people will navigate through the iPhone 8 and perform the tasks that were previously done by the home button.

Speaking of the home button… A lot of people really want to see what Apple has done with TouchID. Has the feature been moved to the back of the device, integrated into the power/lock button, or dropped altogether? With the introduction of Apple’s face scanning feature, PearlID, there may not be much of a need for TouchID anymore. PearlID will use front-facing infrared sensors to scan a user’s face in order to do things like unlock the device, authorize Apple Pay purchases, and access secure apps. Basically, PearlID should be able to do everything TouchID does.

That’s just a taste of what we may see at the iPhone 8 launch event next week. There is also rumored to be a new Apple Watch and Apple TV coming as well as some demonstrations of new iOS 11 features. Whatever happens, one thing is for sure: this will be one of the biggest Apple events in recent memory. iPhone 8 color options are just the tip of the iceberg. Getting excited? I know I am.

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