iPhone Users Unlock Devices 80 Times A Day: Apple, Inc.

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Apple revealed an interesting iPhone statistic recently, according to which iPhone owners unlock their devices 80 times a day on average. The company held a press briefing with a focus on many layers of the iPhone security it employs for the protection of its customers and keeping governments out. During this briefing, the iPhone maker disclosed this figure.

Users now more aware of security systems

Apple disclosed the figure as it was relevant to the conversation. This is so because around 89% of iPhone owners unlock their devices using TouchID or a multi-digit numeric passcode, said the iPhone maker. This means there is a large number of people for whom cyber-security is a serious concern.

In 2013, venture capitalist Mary Meeker noted in her Internet trends report that it is common for people to check their phone at least 150 times a day, considering the fact they can look at lock-screen notifications to read a text message or to check an email without the need to unlock their devices. It is for this reason that 80 unlocks does not sound very far-fetched.

There is another way the stats can be read as well. This shows that cyber-security specialists have won since the number of people using biometric identification and hack-proof pin codes is large. At the same time, it shows that the addiction of people remaining wired to their devices almost all the time is also high, but the good part is that we are confident of our security now.

Apple makes it easy to secure devices

Ben Bajarin, head of primary research at industry analyst Creative Strategies, revealed Apple’s statistic.

“At a security ‘deep dive’ at Apple on Friday, executives went into depth on Apple security philosophy and technological approach to the matter,” Bajarin noted.

Apple’s number compares to Bajarin’s own research, according to which about 85% of iOS device owners use Touch ID or a passcode to protect their devices. Apple offers easy-to-use security systems to drive consumer protection to new heights, argues Bajarin.

A few years ago, consumers left their devices unlocked, and the prime reason for this is either user apathy or lack of security features. Things have changed now, and a vast majority of iPhone and iPad owners are protecting their devices using Touch ID and iOS passcode locks.

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Bajarin noted that the company used the phrase “balancing security with ease of use” multiple times, and this speaks to the company’s security mantra.

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