iOS 10 Concept That Lets You Remove Apple’s Apps

iOS 10 Concept That Lets You Remove Apple’s Apps
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Apple is widely expected to showcase its iOS 10 mobile operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June. Ahead of the official unveiling, designer Ralph Theodory has come up with a cool iOS 10 concept that looks realistic. In fact, an important feature shown in the concept is rumored to make it to the iOS 10.

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This iOS 10 concept takes a cue from the rumor mill

One of the biggest highlights of Theodory’s iOS 10 concept is the ability to remove the pre-installed Apple apps. The iOS 10 could include a special folder containing all the first-party apps you have removed. It also has the option to quickly reinstall them whenever you want to. Apple is indeed considering the idea of giving users the ability to hide or remove its apps.

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Recently, AppAdvice discovered in iTunes code that the upcoming iOS might let you hide apps. The code for “isFirstPartyHideableApp” and “isFirstParty” indicate that the iOS 10 would allow users to remove Apple’s apps from the home screen. Theodory’s iOS 10 concept also includes a Force Touch-powered speed dial feature and barcode scanning camera app.

iOS 10 rumored to bring dozens of new emojis

Theodory’s concept features an improved Apple Music app. It has a dedicated control center to make it easier to use the app with one-tap actions. The designer has also included a smart sleep mode and a built-in equalizer. The iOS 10 concept has a customizable and enhanced control center for the iPad. Apple should incorporate at least a few features showcased in this concept video.

The iOS 10 is expected to bring a new set of emojis. Apple has signed an agreement with the Unicode Consortium, which governs the creation and use of emojis, to bring as many as 74 new emojis to the upcoming iOS. The company is also rumored to overhaul the Control Center with more customization options, and improve the Photos app. In fact, rumors suggest that the Photos app may incorporate some useful features from iPhoto.

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