This Concept Shows Off iPhone 8 Running iOS 11

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It’s not the first iPhone 8 concept to surface online. In the last few weeks, we have seen several designers trying to imagine what the upcoming iPhone might look like. But most of them focus on the hardware aspect of the device. It has become increasingly clear that the iPhone 8 would have an edge-to-edge OLED display with almost no bezels. The home button and fingerprint scanner will sit underneath the display.

A unique place for fingerprint scanner

In his latest iPhone 8 concept, designer Moe Slah focuses on the software that would run the next-gen iPhone. The concept device features a gorgeous 5.8-inch OLED display. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor is located in the lower left corner of the display. Of course, when you incorporate the fingerprint scanner in the display, you need a way to indicate where the user can put their finger.

Moe Slah’s solution is to display a fingerprint area in the bottom left corner. If your fingerprint doesn’t match with the one recorded in the iPhone 8, you’ll instantly see a red warning. In terms of user interface, the concept designer shows off an evolved version of the current iOS rather than bringing something entirely new. Slah has given the lock screen a clean look.

Physical buttons on iPhone will soon be history

Notifications look more gorgeous than ever before. Since the phone sports a larger bezel-less display, Slah has made the home screen cleaner and added a big clock at the top. The designer has also revamped the music section and the Control Center. The iOS 11 is rumored to have a new Dark Mode, an improved Siri, and support for augmented reality. Apple is likely to unveil the new mobile OS at its WWDC event in June.

A new report from Fast Company claims that the iPhone 8 would get rid of all the physical buttons. The volume, power, and mute buttons will be replaced by touch-sensitive inlays in the metal. The iPhone 8 would have a glass back and front supported by a stainless steel frame. The device will also have a new 3D sensing technology for augmented reality and facial recognition.

iPhone 8 production to kick off earlier than usual

Earlier this week, BlueFin Research analysts told investors that Apple suppliers would start production of the 10th anniversary iPhone earlier than expected. The tech giant is anticipating strong demand for the iPhone 8, and plans to build up inventory before the phone’s unveiling in September. Apple will also launch the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, but these handsets would be only minor upgrades over the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Sources told Fast Company that the iPhone 8 could cost more than $1,000. Apple is switching from LCD to OLED display panels that cost twice as much as their LCD counterparts. This, coupled with other features such as augmented reality, wireless charging, and improved waterproofing would lead to a huge jump in the phone’s price tag.

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