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The release of the iPhone 8 is still probably several months away, but as the day draws closer more information is emerging regarding this critical smartphone. Apple is expected to deliver something outstanding when the iPhone 8 is released, in order to acknowledge the tenth anniversary of the iPhone range. And this means that we can expect a handset that redefines the entire iPhone concept.

iPhone 8 release date

Firstly, the actual release date of the iPhone 8 is already a bone of contention, with multiple sources providing different information on this matter. The usual release schedule for the iPhone series would indicate that the iPhone 8 is likely to hit the stores in September, but this has been contradicted by numerous reports.

It has even been suggested that Apple will delay the iPhone 8 until 2018, with shortages of the OLED screen technology expected to be included blamed for this eventuality. ValueWalk broke the story some weeks ago, with Deutsche Bank among other organizations also picking up on this news. Other reports have instead asserted that this will result in a delay of the iPhone 8, with November a possible date for release ahead of the key Christmas market.

However, it is still likely that a mega-corporation such as Apple will ultimately get what it wants, and manage to source enough OLED panels in order to release the device in September, despite the clear challenges that it currently faces.

OLED display

Thus, one of the biggest innovations likely to see the light of day in the iPhone 8 generation is the inclusion of OLED technology. This has already proved popular in the Samsung Galaxy range, and therefore Apple is likely to embrace OLED in 2017. It is rumored that Apple has indeed had already struck a deal with Samsung for both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 9 releases, meaning that the consumer electronics giants will ditch the LCD technology that has been included in the iPhone series previously.


There will also be pressure on Apple to increase the screen resolution in the iPhone 8, particularly as the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung could be its first ever 4K resolution mobile. Regardless of whether or not this is the case, the fact remains that the Galaxy S8 features an outstanding screen resolution, while Apple has yet to even produce a smartphone with full HD resolution (only the phablet-sized iPhone 7 Plus features this quotient).

Reports have differed on this matter, but with Apple likely to produce three models of the iPhone range in 2017, it seems probable that the calendar year will witness the first ever quad HD smartphone from Apple.

Design of iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 has been linked with a distinctive and attractive all-glass design. This would enable Apple to effectively reboot the iPhone concept, producing a device that is noticeably different from its forerunners. This would be coupled with a wraparound display, meaning that the front of the iPhone 8 is almost entirely occupied by the screen.

Elsewhere, other reports have suggested that Apple will embrace the curved screen technology that has proven extremely popular in Samsung Galaxy releases. While Apple has always been an innovator and influence in the mobile sphere rather than a follower, it seems that the consumer electronics behemoth can no longer ignore the popularity of curved displays.

Wireless charging

Apple is also expected to implement wireless charging for the first time in the iPhone 8 generation, although whether this will migrate to the two attendant iPhone 7S devices expected by analysts remains to be seen. Reports have indicated that Apple has been tinkering with some revolutionary technology that will enable the iPhone 8 to be charged wirelessly from 15 feet; a distance that has never been possible previously.


It has also been suggested that Apple has been beavering away behind the scenes on some unique functionality for Siri. There have been few details emanating regarding precisely what this means, but with Samsung having released its own Bixby personal assistant this year, Apple clearly intends to stay ahead of the competition.


The iPhone 8 is also expected to include a particularly impressive dual-camera, with the aim of ensuring that low-light shooting is improved. The camera will also play a part in delivering augmented reality functionality, with Apple having explicitly confirmed publicly that it is committed to developing this feature.

Augmented reality is expected to deliver both security and new functionality in the iPhone 8, with the technology able to both confirm the owner of a device and play an interactive role in gaming.

Home button / screen integration

With the display expected to dominate the design of the iPhone 8, it is anticipated that numerous functions will be integrated within the screen of the device. It is particularly suggested that Apple will eliminate the traditional Home button, and this functionality will instead be included within the display of the device.

Face-scanning technology

Apple is also expected to include face-scanning technology in the iPhone 8 generation, in an attempt to beef up security. It is clear that this is becoming an increasing issue for mobile manufacturers, and Apple has particularly prided itself on having a secure system. It is well-known that the iOS operating system is more secure than Android, or at least less targeted by hackers, so Apple will hope to stay ahead of the pack by including this innovation.

Battery life

It is believed that the new iOS 11 operating system will include sophisticated power-saving functionality that will attempt to address the battery issues that Apple has experienced for some years now. The consumer electronics giant could also consider including a larger cell in the iPhone 8, with the intention of ensuring that the smartphone lasts longer on a single charge.


Finally, this could be a rather pricey smartphone, with several reports indicating that the iPhone 8 could break through the $1,000 barrier.


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