Red iPhone 7 vs. Jet Black iPhone 7 Color Comparison: Which One Will You Choose?

Red iPhone 7 vs. Jet Black iPhone 7 Color Comparison: Which One Will You Choose?

Yesterday, March 21st, 2017, Apple using its cloak and dagger method to little fanfare, placed the Red iPhone 7 onto the Apple Store. And as such, created for the wannabe iPhone 7 owner a new dilemma. Will it be the Red or the hugely popular Jet Black iPhone 7? We suppose that will depend on which they find the more appealing. However, there will be those who fight the corner for one or the other.

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Red iPhone 7 Vs Jet Black iPhone 7

With its handset line, Apple has been considered to be less adventurous when it comes to the colors on offer. Up until the 2016 release of the Matt Black and Jet Black options, it had rigidly stuck with Space Grey, Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. Obviously, for reasons related to it being an anomaly we won’t include the iPhone 5c and its Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, White options in this comparison.

Now, within the space of one year, the Cupertino-based giant seems to have embraced change for its top of the line device. Instead, of sticking with what it knows will work. Having said that, the Jet Black has pretty much been sold out since September, with the Matt Black closely following behind it in the popularity stakes. Maybe this good fortune and willingness to try something new by its fans is the reason it created the Red iPhone 7.

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What’s The Difference?

Is there any difference other than color? The answer is, for the most part, no. There’s absolutely no difference between the Jet Black, Matt Black, Red, or in fact any color where specs are concerned. All iPhone 7’s and iPhone 7 Plus handsets perform and feature the same internals. Meaning that performance is not affected no matter the color.

As for the finish, you may remember that the Jet Black and to some extent the Matt Black are scratch magnets. Apple, a few months after its release issued a statement regarding the Jet Black, suggesting that owners keep it in a case to prevent scratching. Unfortunately, for many who had spent hundreds of Dollars on the handset, this information came too late. Apple’s statement was placed on its website and can be seen below:

“The high-gloss finish of the Jet Black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Its surface is equally as hard as other anodized Apple products; however, its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.”

As such, the company has looked to address this issue with the Red iPhone 7 from day one. Its solution is to provide this gorgeous looking new handset with the same Matt finish seen on the standard Black iPhone. While this isn’t a complete solution, meaning it can still be scratched. The omission of a glossy finish will prevent any scratches from showing up to the detriment of the device.


While the color is the only real difference between the two devices out of the box. The apparent ease at which the Jet Black can scratch and its glossy coat magnify them could be a deterrent. As such if the Matt Black is too standard for you and the other options don’t stand out enough. The Red iPhone 7 is the option that will help you stand out in a crowd thanks to its look. But also keep those scratches hidden from view, well that is if they aren’t too big.

Finally, another reason to get the red is to help Apple in its work supporting RED the HIV/AIDS charity. So, far it has raised $130-million USD helping the charity, you could increase that by purchasing the Red iPhone 7.

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