iPhone 6 Video Review Allegedly Surfaces

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The iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled tomorrow, and the alleged leaks just keep on coming. This latest leak comes in the form of what’s supposedly a review of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s next iPhone model. Unfortunately it’s in Mandarin, although 9to5 Mac provided a translation of the commentary.

Is the iPhone 6 in the video real?

The speaker starts out by addressing questions about whether the smartphone shown in the video really is the iPhone 6 or if it’s just a Chinese knockoff. It does sport the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which seems to suggest that it could be the real deal.

The reviewer said the iPhone seems faster than the iPhone 5S and also lighter than expected.

Apple sticks with one-hand usage

It’s been rumored for a long time that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen. One of the reasons Apple previously said it hadn’t released a larger iPhone was because it wanted to make sure the phone could be operated with one hand. Apparently it appears as if the screen is a little taller in order to be able to do this. The reviewer said it is just as comfortable to operate the iPhone 6 as it was its predecessor, the iPhone 5S.

The casing appears to use a bezel that’s similar to that of Samsung’s Galaxy S3. The design apparently adds to the comfort of using it with one hand. The back of the iPhone 6 reportedly is just like that of the iPhone 5. However, the camera in the iPhone 6 protrudes, which is in line with rumors we have heard recently.

iPhone 6 Video Review Allegedly Surfaces

iPhone 6 features a faster camera

Also the reviewer said the camera takes better photos much faster than the previous iPhone does. Apparently it’s unclear how many megapixels the camera has because there’s a lack of information on that topic.

A quick review of the apps shows the Health app unveiled by Apple in June at WWDC. It sports a dashboard that shows a lot of health information. The video also shows the Passbook app icon which looks like it has a credit card on top of it. This would be in line with the rumor that Apple is preparing to launch a mobile payments solution along with the iPhone 6.

The full video is embedded here. So do you think this is the real deal?

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