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iPhone 6 Concept Video: Water Resistance, Wireless Charging

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The iPhone 6 may not even be out until next year, and yet new concept videos just keep appearing. This latest concept comes from Uygar KAYA, and a video of it was created by Ran Avni. iClarified published the video on its site.

iPhone 6 Concept Video: Water Resistance, Wireless Charging

This iPhone 6 concept features a full HD retina screen and an ultra slim look. It also has notification LEDs and is able to charge wirelessly. In addition, it has a 13 megapixel camera, a wide screen and front facing stereo speakers. It’s even water resistant and dust resistant.

There have been some products like Liquipel and HzO which claim to protect iPhones from water damage, although it’s unknown if Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has decided to include any of these specific technologies in its iPhone 6.

Other Recent iPhone 6 Concepts

Of course every iPhone 6 concept that appears right now is just a rumor. We’ve had plenty of other concept videos in recent weeks. One shows a completely redesigned iPhone 6 with an edge-to-edge screen.

It’s been rumored for quite some time that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was planning to include an edge-to-edge display in its iPhone at some point, so this is a logical concept for someone to come up with for the iPhone 6.

Other features from this concept video include a 4.5 inch Retina display and 754 x 1296 resolution, along with two 2.8 Ghz quad core processors and a 2,800 mAh battery. The rumors that came along with this iPhone 6 concept were that it would be four times faster than the iPhone 6 and twice as face as the Galaxy S4.

Concept Videos For iOS 7

It’s important not to confuse the concept videos for iOS 7. It’s believed that iOS 7 will feature widget-like technology—something that’s long been desired by iPhone users. Also iOS 7 is expected to have a flatter appearance, as preferred by new chief Jony Ive.

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