iPhone 5 Could Be The Thinnest Apple Smartphone Ever

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iPhone 5 Could Be The Thinnest Apple Smartphone Ever

Apple prides itself as an innovator of technology and what they plan on doing with the iPhone 5 is really anyone’s guess. The latest rumor involving the much-anticipated smartphone involves with the size and design.  Josh Ong from Apple Insider reports that the rumored in-cell touch panels will reduce the thickness of the phone by at least 0.44 milimeters. Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst for KGI Securities, explained that the rumored metal back design and a thinner battery could make the future iPhone model sleeker. He suggests that the phone could measure 7.90 mm.

Another potential perk of the supposed iPhone 5  rumor? Kuo thinks that in-cell production could possibly simplify the process of production a bit. The number of days it takes to produce the current model is twelve to sixteen. The estimated number of days it might take to make the iPhone 5 could be three to five.

It is further speculated that Optical Clear Resin(OCR) could replace Optically Clear Adhesive(OCA).  The reason behind this change is that OCR bonding can be remade wheras OCA bondings don’t. Furthermore, should Apple incorporate in-touch panels over typical touch panels, there would be a significant decline in panel orders.

If this rumor is true, Apple would most likely purchase their in-cell technology from Toshiba, LG Display, or Sharp.   Kuo also predicts that the iPhone 5 will reach stores during fall.

I’m going to make an assumption that Apple CEO Tim Cook has yet to approve of the final product or perhaps they still got some progress to make before they  unveil the iPhone 5.  In just a few weeks, Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy S III, so it’s really just a matter of time until Apple unveils their new smartphone.

Apple products  are the creme of the crop and there really is no telling what they will do next. The one thing we do know is that Apple fans will be the first in line.

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