iPhone 5 Coming In June Says Foxconn Recruiter

iPhone 5 Coming In June Says Foxconn Recruiter
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iPhone 5 Coming In June Says Foxconn Recruiter

iPhone 5 may arrive earlier than expected according to information retrieved from a recruiter for Foxconn. The Taiwanese firm manufacture’s Apple’s consumer electronics as well as other for companies world wide. The source was revealed on a Japanese television show and has created a new buzz of speculation about the next generation of the world’s most famous smartphone. June is but two months away so if the prediction holds true there will be lots of news coming your way concerning the probable specs of the phone and the design it will incorporate. Apple has always been famously secretive abou the designs of its new releases and has never even pinned down a release date until a short time before the event, usually with invitations. The buzz and hype surrounding their products has lead to so much speculation about the products it is almost impossible to know who to believe.

A June date does not seem likely for the release of the iPhone 5. The current model, the iPhone 4S will only have been on the market for 8 months by then and is still selling in the millions at this stage. Demand for that model is still at quite a high level so updating it and shortening the tail would seem to me a bad business decision. You don’t become the world’s most valuable company by making bad business decisions, especially on the release of your flagship product. With the 4S’s release, even though that device was viewed with mild disappointment, not being a radical departure from the iPhone 4, but benefited massively from its release timing capitalizing on the Christmas market and adding to the huge pile of cash Apple had no idea what to do with until last month.

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Whether the iPhone 5 is released early or late it doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint. After the iPhone 4S was not a full update in the eyes of many and it wasn’t. The form factor had not been changed significantly and the only notable difference was an updated OS and Siri. Those would be impressive from any other manufacturer but Apple has to be out on the bleeding edge of things if it doesn’t want to disappoint its fans. They feed on innovation and they’re more aware of that than anybody else. Whether the iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen, significantly updated graphics or processor, a ridiculous battery life, a weird new form factor, 4G LTE or anything else the rumor mill has come out with (A keyboard projection?). The update is sure to be one of the biggest launches since the iPad. Perhaps the most exciting thing that will come will be the updated version of iOS which may have some intriguing features.

According to analysis from Topeka yesterday said Apple will top $1000 in the next twelve months but certainly the most intriguing part of that report suggested that the company would release a full television in that time. That release would definitely get its own event. Perhaps the iPhone 5 has been bumped back to June to make way? We’ll have to wait and see.

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