iPhone 5 To Run On Sprint’s 4G LTE Network

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iPhone 5 To Run On Sprint's 4G LTE Network

The rumor mill for Apple’s  next iPhone has not stopped and it won’t until the iPhone 5 is out. According to the latest reports, Sprints CFO Joe Euteneuer claimed at an investor conference that their carrier plans to market future iPhone model with faster mobile broadband network known as 4G. The carrier initially plans to introduce the 4G network in only six cities by midyear. However, the Sprint’s rivals have already rolled out 4G LTE to many parts of the country.

From this hint we can safely assume that there are plans for Apple to launch next iPhone (iPhone 5) equipped with 4G LTE technology. One more reason why we can believe in this is that the new iPad already comes with 4G connectivity. So it seems all they need to do is to just integrate that technology in their next model of iPhone.

Sprint initially plans to cover 100 million Americans by offering this new technology. Earlier Sprint has announced that it expects to activate 4G LTE network in Baltimore and in Kansas City. The carrier has already sold many iPhones and will be paying a huge sum of 15.5 Billion during the next four years for the iPhone. The company says that this is an expensive contract but it is worth every penny.

There’s a high possibility that we’ll be able to see iPhone 5 with 4G LTE sooner than ‘October’s launch date‘. So just get ready for the high-speed that you’re craving for long.

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