iPhone 11 GPS tracking issue reported with multiple apps

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It seems the GPS on the iPhone 11 line-up leaves something to be desired. Users of both the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are reporting problems with Strava, Waze and other apps that use GPS tracking. The iPhone 11 GPS tracking issue seems to be increasing in prevalence, or more and more people are simply starting to notice it.

Details on the iPhone 11 GPS tracking issue

9to5Mac spotted a number of complaints about the problem. There’s one thread about the iPhone 11 GPS tracking issue on Reddit here and another thread here. The original poster specifically said they were having problems with Strava, a physical fitness app that enables users to track walking, running or cycling. The person questioned whether the problem was with their iPhone 11 Pro or the Strava app specifically.

Other Redditors chimed in with details about the problems they have experienced with the Strava app. Many users say it shows them running faster than they actually are and doesn’t accurately track their location.

Both Reddit threads include posts from other iPhone 11 or 11 Pro users who say they’re also experiencing issues with the GPS on their device. In addition to Strava, the iPhone 11 GPS tracking issue appears to also be affecting Waze, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Pokemon Go, and even Uber and Lyft. Many Redditors say they didn’t have any problems with the GPS on their older iPhone models, so it is a new issue with the iPhone 11 line-up this year.

9to5Mac is also running a poll on GPS issues with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. While 40% said they never have any problems with the GPS, 23% said they do “frequently,” 14% said they do “sometimes,” and 8% said they do “occasionally.”

At this point, there doesn’t appear to be any workaround for the iPhone 11 GPS tracking issue except to use another device like an Apple Watch to track position. Of course, depending on what kind of activity is being tracked, that might not be a good solution, either.

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