iPhone 11 Concept Video Shows Off 4 Cameras And Sleek Design

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iPhone 11 is coming soon and the hype surrounding the new device is quickly flooding the media. Renders of the phone have all depicted beautiful devices with sharp designs. The newest iPhone 11 concept video has definitely sparked some attention. T3 reports that this one is not only a sleek design, but may show off a few features that Apple fans don’t expect.

iPhone 11 Concept Video

The iPhone 11 concept video was released by DBS Designing, and it shows a sleek design which houses a quad camera display. This is not what Apple fans have been expecting on this phone, as a triple lens setup has been the most commonly rumored design. However, this isn’t the first design to tout the possibility of 4 cameras in the iPhone 11. There have been at least 3 other mentions of such a camera array over the last few months. While it isn’t confirmed yet to be a definite feature in the iPhone 11, this much hype is usually a good indicator that there may be some truth to it.

If the camera display is indeed similar to the one pictured in this iPhone 11 concept video, then a new case design will definitely be in order. Carrying a phone with a camera unit that is thick and exposed would be risky without a case to protect it, as the camera would be likely to get scratched or chipped. Luckily one case designer seems to have taken that into consideration, as SlashLeaks leaked a photo in May of a case that was reportedly for the iPhone 11 Max. The case featured a cutout for a square camera unit that looks like it would fit the one in the video perfectly.

Camera Craze Sweeping Smartphone Industry

It seems all the major mobile device manufacturers are stepping up their game in terms of ability to take high quality photos. Samsung, Huawei, and even Google are launching flagship devices with multiple lenses and powerful hardware aimed at capturing the best selfies in the world. It only makes sense that Apple would follow suit. This iPhone 11 concept video gives us a pretty good idea of what the new iPhone would look like with a comparable setup to some of its biggest rivals. With the desire to produce high quality photos with a mobile device taking over the market, this move is the only logical one for Apple to make.

US vs China Trade War Takes A Bite Out Of Apple

The US has levied tariffs on Chinese imports, Google banned Huawei from using Android as its OS going forward, and the tension between the two countries is increasing. Apple seems to be taking a hit from China, as it seems they’re intent on making the Cupertino company the whipping boy for President Trump’s actions. iPhone sales have dropped in mainland China, as many citizens are trading in their iPhones for Huawei devices. Some companies are evening offering huge incentives to employees who make the switch. However, if this iPhone 11 concept video is indeed accurate, then the newly designed device might be enough to stem the tide for Apple. The company has held nearly 10% of sales in the Chinese mobile device market, and if it loses there, it will lose big. We will have to wait until the official launch this fall to find out just what Apple has in store for the iPhone 11.

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