iPad Pro 2 Reveal On Tap As Apple Store Goes Down Before WWDC

iPad Pro 2 Reveal On Tap As Apple Store Goes Down Before WWDC
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The iPad Pro 2 and other new products are expected to be shown off today, and Apple’s preparations are underway. The online Apple Store is down now, and fans are preparing for the big product reveal expected during the keynote speech at WWDC, which kicks off this afternoon.

Taking the online Apple store down is seen as the final step in preparations for a new product reveal as the company prepares to place the new products on its store as soon as they are revealed.

iPad Pro 2 expected to be revealed

WWDC is always more focused on software than hardware, but the most-anticipated new product that’s expected today is the iPad Pro 2. It’s expected to be a 10.5-inch tablet with much smaller bezels than those on the 9.7-inch iPad and upgraded specs. The iPad Pro 2 is expected to take the place of the 9.7-inch iPad Pro model in Apple’s tablet lineup, so it’s likely that the company will cut the price of the current 9.7-inch Pro.

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Smaller bezels may not seem like a big deal, but they should enable Apple to boost the size of the screen as measured diagonally without making the overall size of the iPad Pro 2 significantly larger. The bezels could add as much as another inch of screen space without making it much bigger.

The details about WWDC

Other than the iPad Pro 2, iOS 11 will be the main headliner for WWDC, just as it is at Apple’s developer conference every year. While we’ve heard a few things about iOS 11, oddly enough, the rumor mill hasn’t been spinning as many tales about it this year as it has in past years about previous versions of the company’s mobile operating system. One feature we have heard about is the introduction of a new filesystem in iOS 11, and apparently, there’s a new Files app available on the App Store already even before WWDC has kicked off.

Apple management will kick off the keynote speech at WWDC at 1 p.m. Eastern/ 10 a.m. Pacific. Fans can watch the keynote on the company’s website using either the Safari or Microsoft Edge browser. You can also watch it on the Apple TV by downloading the Apple Events app.

WWDC runs from today through June 9 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, Calif.

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