iPad 3: The Exciting New Features Which May Be Unveiled Today

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iPad 3: The Exciting New Features Which May Be Unveiled Today

In just less than three hours Apple will reveal to the world the new iPad 3. At last year’s event Steve Jobs gave us iPad 2 in the same exact place; the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco.

But, what should we expect from this keynote event? A new version of the iPad, a better operating system?

We have heard all sort of rumors regarding this new Apple device: first  that instead of being called iPad 3 it would be iPad HD; then about the storage configuration that instead of being as it was for the previous models 16GB/32GB/64GB it would change to 8GB/16GB/32GB.

Another important rumor was the pricing, first we heard that it would be more expensive than iPad 2, but then the prices were leaked of course another rumor, but the prices looked pretty much the same prices for iPad 2. The Wi-Fi model might go from $499 to $699 and the Wi-Fi + 3G models might go from $629 to $829.

We expect the following on the new iPad 3:

  • Retina Display, 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution and can enable HD 1080p capability for watching HD movies on its 9.7 inch LCD screen.
  • Quad core processor,  Dual Core A5X or A6
  • New version of iOS, iOS5 or iOS 5.1
  • Connectivity 4G LTE
  • A thicker case than the case of iPad2
  • Better battery life and camera. The camera might be from 3 MP to 8MP.

Latest rumors say, the new iPad 3 will be available in Apple Stores on March 16th 2012, just 9 days after Apple’s recent iPad event. And also that Apple might have included the newest Senseg tactile technology.

Yesterday we posted an article regarding the Apple’s event for iPad 3 wasn’t going to be live streamed but it was fake news, account that tweeted the fake announcement wasn’t Philip Schiller real Twitter account.

We are counting the minutes for the event to start.

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