iOS 9 Update Release Time Chart

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Apple fan boys and girls are tickled pink as the new and much awaited Apple iOS 9 is being released today, Wednesday, September 16th. The new Apple OS was first announced at this year’s WWDC back in early June, and Apple mavens have been anticipating the slew of useful new features tipped for iOS 9 at the conference ever since.

Although there is no official confirmation from Apple regarding a schedule for the release of the new OS, based on past experience we can make the assumption  that the hyped new operating system will made publicly available at 10 AM PDT (Pacific Time). That converts to noon CT (Central Time) for midwesterners, and to 1 PM ET (Eastern Time) for those who live on the east coast. It will be 6 pm before people living in the UK can download their version.

Check out the iOS 9 update release time chart below:

iOS 9 update release time chart

iOS 9 considered a major “evolutionary” step, but not a redesign

Industry analysts note that the new OS is not a complete redesign of the Apple platform, iOS 9 rather represents an “evolutionary progression”, focusing on adding new core features and stabilizing the platform to improve the user experience and performance across all Apple devices.

iOS 9 offers many useful new features

According to the preview that Apple offered at the WWDC and on its website, iOS 9 will offer a wide range of new features sure to delight iPhone and iPad fans. The new operating system includes a new News app and notable improvements to Notes, Maps and Wallet.

For starters, iOS 9 adds a new app to your Home screen so you can read all the news stories you’re interested in easily, and all in one place. Notes has also seen some “notable” improvements — now you can easily make checklists or add a photo, map, or web link to a note. You can now even sketch with your finger using Notes.

The tech titan also touts that Apple Pay has also been made both more secure and easier to use with iOS 9.

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