iOS 9 Jailbreak: What Tweaks Are Compatible For iPhone And iPad?

iOS 9 Jailbreak: What Tweaks Are Compatible For iPhone And iPad?

Chinese hacking group Pangu has released the world’s first iOS 9 jailbreak. Jailbreaking has been losing appeal as Apple added jailbreak features such as dynamic wallpapers, widgets, send audio messages, and quick access to frequently used controls. But some Apple users would still update to iOS 9 mainly to jailbreak using Pangu’s tool.

Before you begin the jailbreaking process, remember that it will void your warranties. It also exposes your iOS device to security vulnerabilities and puts your personal data at risk. Anyway, if you still want to jailbreak, Pangu’s tool is good for iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 9 through 9.0.2. You may want to know what extensions, tweaks and tools are compatible with iOS 9 post-jailbreak.

WinterBoard not working with iOS 9 jailbreak

Pangu’s jailbreak comes with some post-installation issues and bugs. Some developers are still updating their jailbreak apps and many Cydia tweaks like WinterBoard are not working with iOS 9 jailbreak due to incompatibility issues. As expected, the jailbreak community has put together a Google Docs spreadsheet (via Redmond Pie) to let users know the tweaks compatible with iOS 9.

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The spreadsheet is being constantly updated as developers test various tweaks with the latest iOS version. Not all tweaks have been tested yet, but there has been mixed results with those that have been tested. The latest version of iFile file management tool works flawlessly with iOS 9. But packages like F.lux and Barrel have some issues. FutureLock installs perfectly without crashing your device, but it doesn’t do anything.

Hackers exploited a kernel bug in iOS 9

Apple had claimed that it was impossible to jailbreak iOS 9. So, what vulnerabilities did Pangu exploit to hack into the device? Security expert Luca Todesco told Motherboard that there is a bug that is “fairly easy to exploit.” Gaining the ability to change the kernel is the most important step in jailbreaking. Todesco identified a kernel bug and informed Pangu researchers about it. The Pangu team was already aware of the bug, but they were not working on it because they were unaware of certain details. Todesco helped the Chinese team exploit the bug.


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