iOS 9 Jailbreak Finally Released By Chinese Hackers


The first untethered iOS 9 jailbreak is here. Initial reports suggest that it is stable and works well on the latest iPhone 6S. A Chinese jailbreaking community called Team Pangu has made the iOS 9 jailbreak available here. It supports all iOS devices supported by Apple’s newest mobile OS. Even though Apple claimed that it was next to impossible to jailbreak the iOS 9, Pangu has made it possible for users to customize and enhance their iOS devices beyond the limits imposed by Apple.

How to install Pangu’s iOS 9 jailbreak

Reddit users have put together a Wiki-style page to help users that want the jailbreak. Before you start the jailbreak process, Pangu advises users to backup your data to the iCloud or iTunes, and turn off Find My iPhone, Passcode, and TouchID. It also suggests that you turn on Airplane Mode in Settings. Now download Pangu jailbreak from here. Pangu’s jailbreak software is available for free, but currently it is available only for Windows. Mac support is expected to arrive soon.

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Now connect your device to a Windows PC. Next, click the Start button in Pangu app and follow the simple steps. Once the iOS 9 jailbreak is complete, you can turn on TouchID, Passcode, and Find My iPhone. A few days ago, Zerodium was offering a reward of $1 million to anyone who found and submitted an iOS 9 jailbreak. However, security experts told Forbes that Pangu is unlikely to win that amount because Zerodium had stated that the jailbreak should be fully remote.

The importance of jailbreaking is on the decline

Note that jailbreaking will void your warranties, though you can reset the device to factory default settings through iTunes. If your jailbreak fails repeatedly, try a full restore of the iPhone firmware before attempting the jailbreak again. Over the past few years, Apple has reduced the importance of jailbreaking by adding many of the jailbreak apps to the iOS.

According to iPhone Hacks, Cydia Substrate now supports iOS 9. It’s still unclear if any company had sponsored Pangu’s iOS 9 jailbreak. Usually, Chinese firms sponsor jailbreaks as they try to add their own app stores to unlocked devices.