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iOS 11 Battery Issues Still Seem To Be Bothering Some Users

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iOS 11 was released to the world about a week ago and, for some, the release has gone smoothly. A lot of people have been enjoying the new features that iOS 11 offers without experiencing any issues that affect their ability to use their device to its fullest ability. However, for everyone that is enjoying the latest release of iOS, there are a few people who have been battling some bugs. There have been complaints online about everything from WiFi issues to messaging issues and more. The most common complaint, however, are iOS 11 battery issues.

This is not an unusual complaint that comes along when a new iOS update is released. iOS 11 battery issues are just another part of the iOS battery issues list since the beginning of time. It seems like every time there is an update to iOS, people experience reduced battery life which can, obviously, cause some frustration.

So, why does battery life always seem to take a nose dive after an iOS update? Why are iOS 11 battery problems showing up after all of these years? Part of it has to do with all of the indexing that the software does in the background after an update. Spotlight has to do its job to ensure that it is able to find everything you need when you ask for it. Depending on how many files and apps you have on your device, this process can take a couple of days in some cases. That means days of your device working non-stop in the background whether you are using it or not. To the untrained eye, that looks like battery life being sucked away for no reason at all.

Ultimately that means that the only way to resolve iOS 11 battery issues for most people is to simply be patient. Not exactly great advice for someone who just wants their iPhone to get through a full day. The best solution to this problem would be for Apple to do a better job of educating their customers when a new update is sent out. While educating people won’t be easy, it would certainly reduce the confusion regarding battery life and help to reduce the frustration among iOS users as they watch their battery percentage slip away.

Of course, patience isn’t the only way to ride out your iOS 11 battery issues. There are several ways to help squeeze out a little bit of extra battery life out of your device after a new iOS update. The first thing to do is to manage the parts of your device that suck the most juice out of your battery. The biggest thing that depletes battery life is the display. This is true for any smartphone whether it’s an iPhone that has recently been updated or a different device. Reducing the brightness of your display is a great way to get some extra time out of a single charge. In iOS, they hide the automatic brightness setting in the accessibility section of the settings. If you turn off that automatic brightness then you can set the brightness level low enough that you can still clearly see the display but also help save some battery life.

Another great way to save battery life if you are experiencing iOS 11 battery issues is to turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth when you aren’t using those features. The two sensors can suck up a lot of juice which is fine if you are actually making use of them. However, if you aren’t connected to either WiFi or Bluetooth then they are using up valuable battery life for no good reason. Getting in the habit of turning off the sensors as soon as you disconnect from your home WiFi network or car Bluetooth will help you stretch your precious battery life throughout the day.

Finally, one more way to resolve iOS 11 battery issues is to simply do a hard reset on your device. Some extra services may be running wild in the background after an update and sometimes a hard reset is all that’s needed to get your device back on track. A hard reset is a little different than a regular reset. If you have an iPhone 7 or earlier then you will want to hold down your lock key and home button until you see a black screen with the Apple logo. If you have an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus then you will need to hold down the lock key and the volume down button until you see the same black screen.

Hopefully, if you are experiencing iOS 11 battery issues then the issues will only be temporary. However, we have detailed some solutions for you above that should improve your situation. Of course, if your battery life problems persist you may want to check for an actual hardware issue or go as far as doing a clean reinstall of iOS. Good luck!

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