Intel Unite: A Collaboration Solution To Unite Them All

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Intel’s mission with Intel Unite® is to develop a platform that is easy to use and gives employees an instant wireless connection to meetings on any of their PCs or tablets while seamlessly working with existing conference room equipment and software solutions.

Intel Unite

Building on the momentum from the first Intel Unite announcement in June, the company today announces new capabilities to advance the state of collaboration.

The Intel Unite solution is a combination of an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-powered hub running in the meeting room that communicates with a small client app running on devices like a PC, Mac or tablet and a small server component that orchestrates and manages the solution across devices and hubs throughout the network. That’s actually how it got its name – a technology solution that unites all platforms.

New Capabilities Extend the Way We Meet

Advanced Meeting Room Analytics: IT pros need more from their technology and having the right insight on meeting room usage helps. Intel has developed a new telemetry plug-in to track usage. This uniquely gives IT pros insight into how often meeting spaces are utilized, for how long they are used and data on the health of the technology in the meeting space. Available today, this plugin helps IT and facilities management make better decisions based on how meeting spaces are used.

Extending the Platform: Intel Unite is an open platform enabling customers to collaborate across any device. It is available on Windows (7, 8.1 and Windows 10), Apple Mac OS X and, today, customers now have viewing and presenting capabilities for iPad and Android tablets. Device support for Chromebooks is not far behind. (The app will be available at the beginning of the second quarter of this year).

Increased Meeting Control: The relevance of Intel Unite as a collaboration solution is growing across various industries, like education, healthcare and retail. As a result, Intel is customizing features that are important to these verticals. This includes new meeting controls so users can choose the meeting permissions that make most sense to them. For example, in a classroom environment, this gives meeting controls to teachers to enable them to moderate and control who presents content. This feature will be available early in this year’s second quarter.

Static PIN: In addition to the rotating PIN, Intel Unite now offers to more securely connect authorized devices to the client hub. Intel is adding a static PIN option for customers. This is well-suited for education as it creates a simple connection for teachers and students to always use the same PIN to start a sharing session, or to alternatively maintain a PIN that stays the same throughout the duration of an active session.

Empowering Customers with Better Collaboration, Management and Security

Intel Unite is helping to solve collaboration pain points. Intel has nearly 100,000 Intel Unite hubs deployed around the world. And more than just collaboration, IT professionals value the Intel Core vPro processor running on the client hub because it offers them a way to remotely manage the meeting room experience, driving down costs and increasing meeting room uptime. IT also is able to take advantage of the security features in Intel® vPro™ technology, so content shared in a meeting is encrypted and stays on the network. Intel also offers the most cost-effective solution: For less than a $1,000 per room – and no recurring monthly licensing fees – customers can take advantage of the extensive capabilities in Intel Unite, have access to future technology features that become available over the next three years through a simple software update, and are rest assured their investment works with their existing meeting room technology.

Adolfo San Martin from Acciona, a leader in renewable energy, shared his experience saying: “Using Intel Unite software on Intel’s Core vPro platform not only increases employee productivity, but delivers security and manageability features to drive peace of mind for my IT team deploying the solution. We’re finding that Intel Unite is easy to use, manage and has saved us significant time.”


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