Intel Corporation Continues To Retire Ivy Bridge Processors

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Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has retired its five Ivy Bridge processors for mobile, on Wednesday, as the chips have gone irrelevant. Earlier in July, also, the company abandoned mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs along with accompanying chip sets.

Intel prepares for Broadwell

Those CPUs that will no longer be available are the Core i3-3110M, the Core i3-3120M, the Core i3-3130M, the Core i3-3217U, and the Core i3-3227U. However, OEM can get the supply of these CPUs till November 21, and last shipment date will be May 22.

For the customers looking for some good deals on laptops, can get a system configured on old CPU at fewer prices. Although, the battery life will not be as long as in the Haswell processors, there will be only minor difference in the performance.

Intel will also eradicate the chip sets of 7th series, dubbed as Panther Point, which was launched in April-May 2012. These chip sets are integrated with the LGA 1155 specifically with the product generation Ivy Bridge. Intel will ship chip sets Intel Z77, H77, Z75 and Q75 on order until January, and on July 10th next year they will be closed.

The chip maker is culminating these series of CPU and chip sets to begin with the launch of new generation Broadwell, which will be manufactured on 14nm technology. Production of Ivy Bridge will be a difficult process in such scenario.

Businesses not waiting for Broadwell

Broadwell is expected to debut among other “new products” at the IFA 2014 conference in Berlin this September. Intel has not yet confirmed about the products that would be launched in the conference, but developments indicate that the next-generation Core Microprocessor Broadwell will be one of them.

Kirk Skaugen, Intel Corporation’s senior vice-president and general manager of personal computing will start the event with a keynote on September 5th. Skaugen will talk about the new products and plans of the company in a new age of computing device with its latest technology,

Businesses are not waiting for the Broadwell chip and are buying PC. According to research firm IDC, the economy is on the track of revival and worldwide IT spending is expected to surge 4.5% during the second half of 2014, or 3.1% if smartphones are not considered. Intel could get into a serious dilemma as businesses are not waiting for the launch of new Broadwell processors, whereas the company is looking forward to take customers towards a new wire-free world by 2016, says a report from PC World.

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