Images Of Sony Manufactured Nexus X Appear Online

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Sony has come into the limelight as the company’s supposed “Nexus X” smartphone has been spotted online. There are no details on this device, apart from the images, but this device looks like Xperia Ion and Xperia T.

The design resembles the typical Sony one. The back has “Google” inscribed, rather than the “With Google” logo found on LG’s rumored Nexus 4 handset.

Images Of Sony Manufactured Nexus X Appear Online

There is a chance that these photos might be fake, firstly because there are some issues with the icon alignment on the screen, and secondly, there is strange coloration on the back cover. If these are the real images, then Sony had better sort out these issues before launching the handset.

These photos were first posted from a Picasa user, registered with the name of Mutul Yeter. Strangely, the photos are shared publicly from that account, and are not kept private. If they are the real deal, then this is the second Nexus device to leak this month. Previously, The Wall Street Journal reported that the Nexus program was to be expanded to multiple devices from multiple manufacturers. And if this claim of WSJ is really true, then we can expect Nexus phone from other manufacturers also, apart from Samsung.

Images Of Sony Manufactured Nexus X Appear Online

A Sony manufactured Nexus phone really makes sense, but will it be a success, and can this phone tackle Samsung’s Galaxy S3? We can only compare this phone with high-end ones after knowing the specifications, which we don’t have at the current stage.

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