iLuun Air: World’s First USB 3.0 Wireless Flash Drive For Smartphones

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Does your smartphone not have enough storage space because it lacks microSD card support? Or would you like to back up your data in the real world instead of the cloud? There’s a solution at last in the form of the world’s first wireless flash drive, the iLuun Air.

This innovative device has the potential to revolutionize the way mobile users store their data. Developed by Startup iLuun, the wireless flash drive will allow a smartphone user to access files, photos, music and video, in addition to allowing the backup of data directly from their device to the flash drive.

Why do you need the iLunn Air?

Right now, the solutions available to mobile users are as follows: You can use large personal computers, tablets, and laptops as other storage devices. However, their limitations are evident, as computers are not so portable. And tablets, while small, still add significantly to the weight carried while on the go.

Next, there are cloud-based services such as iCloud, Dropbox and OneDrive. While what they provide is great if you can access the internet, if you can’t, their services are useless. So why the iLunn Air? To start with, using the device does not require you to have an internet connection. Instead, the device comes with built-in Wi-Fi, meaning you just connect it to your smartphone and back up or download media.

Here are three other reasons why the device is great for both personal and business use.

Innovative technology – iLuun Air allows users to wirelessly access their photos and files, stream videos and music, and transfer media content to and from their mobile device without the need for Internet or cables.
Sleek, portable, & compact design – With all its built-in features, the iLuun Air is surprisingly small [about the size of a regular USB flash drive], for maximum portability and convenience.
Made for those on the go – iLuun Air allows you to take a virtually unlimited stream of photos and videos wherever you go. Because it’s battery powered, you can use it anywhere.

iluun air for ios and android
Image Source: iLunn.Inc

Compatible with iOS and Android

For so long, Apple users have had their hands tied to either getting a handset with a large storage capacity or using Apple’s iCloud storage. Now this conundrum is over, as the iLuun Air supports backup and download from iOS devices.

This is also the first device that enables Android users to share and store files conveniently on the go.

When sked why his company was going to such lengths to bring the most versatile wireless USB flash drive to market, Harold Stewart, CEO and founder of iLuun Inc said:

“We are aiming to make file sharing and storage more accessible and to redefine the mobile storage market. For the foreseeable future, our lives will continue to shift away from the desktop and onto our mobile devices. We believe that the iLuun Air is a refreshing start for the next generation of mobile storage

iluun air features
Image Source: iLuun.Inc

iLuun Air features

  • Wireless sharing – Multi-platform wireless streaming allows users to seamlessly share content and media on up to six devices simultaneously.
  • Media streaming – Built-in media player seamlessly stream HD videos, photos, and music to all connected mobile devices.
  • Automatic backup & restore – One-step backup and restore function allows users to free up valuable space on their mobile device.
  • USB 3.0 – Allows for improved power consumption, data rate, security, pairing reliability, and most important, speed.
  • Simple-to-use app – iOS & Android app offers user-friendly onscreen controls and makes it easy to navigate and enjoy content on the go.

Storage capacities

Just like any other device, the iLuun Air will come with different storage options. The four sizes are 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and the huge 256GB. This means that whatever capacity your smartphone has, there is an iLunn to complement it, and you should never (if you’re careful) run out of storage space.

When will it be available to buy?

iLuun is going down the Kickstarter route to try to gain the funding to start manufacturing. The campaign will begin on October 11 and has a set goal of $50,000. “Early bird” pricing is as follows: 32GB $49, 64GB $65, 128GB $89, and 256GB $119. The iLuun Air expected to be delivered in March 2017.

Final thoughts

Will the iLuun Air meet and fulfill a desire of consumers? I think it will because mobile users have been looking for a way to unshackle themselves from internet use. They have also been looking for a more portable and convenient means for storing and backing up their data. This device solves both of those issues. However, the proof is in the testing, because many companies come up with an excellent idea, only to release a product that falls short of hopes.

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