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$600 Idaho Tax Rebate: You Have Less Than Three Days to Claim It

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If you haven’t yet applied for the Idaho tax rebate, you now have less than three days to apply for it. The primary eligibility criterion to qualify for the rebate is that residents must have filed their required tax returns by Dec. 31, 2022. So, if you haven’t yet filed your tax return, you need to file it by the end of the year in order to get the up to $600 rebate money.

Idaho Tax Rebate: Who Will Get It?

Lawmakers approved the Idaho tax rebate during a Special Session of the Legislature in September. This tax rebate program is expected to benefit about 800,000 taxpayers and will cost the state about $500 million.

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To be eligible for the tax rebate, taxpayers should have been full-year Idaho residents in 2020 and 2021. Also, they must have filed Idaho individual income tax returns or Form 24 for those years. It must be noted that non-residents and part-year residents are not eligible for the tax rebate. Visit this link to learn more about the eligibility requirements.

Those who are eligible for the Idaho tax rebate will get an email from the Idaho State Tax Commission, informing them about the rebate payment. The email, however, is only going to people who e-filed their 2021 income tax return.

Taxpayers who provided their banking details with their 2021 tax return will get the rebate money through a direct deposit into their bank account. Other recipients will get the rebate check via mail.  

The Idaho State Tax Commission started sending the rebate money in September 2022, and is sending the rebate payment in the order it received the 2021 tax returns. The department is sending out about 75,000 payments every week, and intends to issue all rebate payments by March 2023.

How Much Money To Expect

The tax rebate amount depends on the information in the tax return. Individual filers could get $300, while joint filers will qualify for $600, or “10% of tax amount reported on Form 40 (line 20), or Form 43 (line 42) for eligible service members using that form,” whichever is greater.

It must be noted that the Idaho State Tax Commission will reduce the rebate amount if you have other tax debts with the Tax Commission or have any other outstanding obligations to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Idaho Department of Labor, Idaho Supreme Court, County Sheriff departments, Internal Revenue Service or Bankruptcy trustees.

Those who have already filed their tax return but haven’t yet gotten the rebate, can track their payment using Where’s My Rebate tool at tax.idaho.gov/rebate. To use this tool, taxpayers will need to provide their Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, Idaho driver’s license number, state-issued ID number, or 2021 Idaho income tax return.