We Can Win The War Against Coronavirus!

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Seems like there’s no shortage of deadly viruses these days, now with an added killer; Covid-19. And this is a case where the more you know, the more concerning the problem is. However, the other side that coin is that; the more you know, the more tactical options and tools you can use. Something as simple as cleaning your HVAC system can help protect your family.

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Like bacteria, viruses lurk everywhere and when you're walking around in public, they are collecting on the bottoms of your shoes, soon to be deposited onto the floors of your home and/or office.

What To Do? Clean Your HVAC System

Regularly equipped vacuum cleaners with non-HEPA filters re-aerosolize viruses, including Covid-19!

That means all the viruses sucked off the floor pass into the vacuum cleaner and out the exhaust, pumped vigorously into the air mass you are breathing!

Furthermore, then those viruses end up being further recirculated through your home or office HVAC system. All in all, these events enhance your change of inhaling viruses and bacteria, including Covid-19!

The process

The solutions available are these:

  1. Install a HEPA certified filter in your vacuum cleaner and HVAC system; and,
  2. If you can't get HEPA filters, you can disinfect your vacuum before and after using it as follows:
    Take the vacuum outside into a well ventilated area. Then turn on the vacuum and using a mist (as opposed to a spray), send a 3-5 second burst of water-Clorox solution (20% Clorox + 80% water) into the suction hose . Then turn off the vacuum and let it set for 30-minutes or so. This will kill-off a considerable amount of viruses and bacteria already in the vacuum, as well as doing the same after you use it.
  3. You can also disinfect the filter in your HVAC system by removing it from the unit and in a well ventilated outdoor location, mist (not spray) the filter element after cleaning it with a vacuum or air gun, with a solution as follows (20% Clorox + 80% water). Let the filter dry and then reinstall it. Assuming you have lots of Lysol, you can use it instead of the water/Clorox solution, as then allow to dry before reinstalling it.

We can get through this mess, if we use all the tools, keep calm and remain tactical. As spec. ops guys say; 'stay frosty'.

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