Here’s How to Track the Oregon Kicker Tax Credit

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Many taxpayers have already claimed the Oregon Kicker Tax Credit, but many more are still waiting for their checks. If you have applied but haven’t received the credit, the state Department of Revenue has launched an online tool to track the Oregon Kicker Tax Credit. Those who haven’t yet claimed the credit have until April 15 to file their return and claim the Kicker credit.

Oregon Kicker Tax Credit: who will get it?

As of last week, more than $1.6 billion (of $5.61 billion) has been returned to eligible taxpayers in the form of a Kicker Tax Credit in 2024, the Oregon Department of Revenue said in a recent press release.

This means that more than $4 billion still remains to be distributed to eligible taxpayers. The department has received about 950,000 tax returns and expects to receive 1.2 million returns in 2024.

Taxpayers are receiving a 44.28% return on the state taxes they paid in 2022, thanks to the $5.61 billion revenue surplus that the state witnessed from the 2021-23 biennium.

Oregon, by law, is required to distribute the revenue exceeding official projections to taxpayers as a rebate. This year’s Kicker Tax Credit is the biggest in state history.

Taxpayers who have filed a 2022 tax return and the state income tax due before credits are eligible for the Kicker Tax Credit. Even those who are not required to file taxes in 2023, need to file a 2023 tax to claim the credit. It must be noted that the credit is based on the state income tax paid in 2022 and not the federal income tax paid.

How to track the Oregon Kicker Tax Credit

Taxpayers must file their 2023 state tax returns to claim the Kicker Tax Credit. The last date to file the return is April 15. Those who file their own return can file electronically for free using one of the free file options available on the Department of Revenue website.

Those who have already filed their state tax return but haven’t yet received the credit can use the Department of Revenue’s new online tool to track the Oregon Kicker Tax Credit. The online tool, called the Where’s My Refund tool, allows taxpayers to check the status of their refund.

Taxpayers need to enter their social security or tax ID number, filing status and the exact refund amount to track their Oregon Kicker Tax Credit. You can get the exact refund amount on Line 47 of Form OR-40, Line 72 of Form OR-40-N, or Line 71 of Form OR-40-P.

The department recommends taxpayers wait one week after filing taxes electronically to check the status of their credit. Those who filed a paper return need to wait longer.

According to the state Department of Revenue, it usually issues refunds within two weeks of receiving a return, but returns that require more review could take up to 16 weeks before a refund is issued.