How To Set Up A New Windows 10 PC After Installing The New Windows

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It time for a windows change once again, so are you ready for setting up your new Windows 10 PC?

How to set up a new Windows 10 PC

What you don’t want to do

Don’t do any restoration of image back-ups and don’t clone your existing hard drive to your new PC.

What you should do

Step One:

Run the wizard. This will walk you through the first part of the setup. Use the options instead of “get going fast”. You can check to see additional options in the lower left corner of the wizard page.

Step Two:

Install your applications in this order…

  • Antivirus
  • Password manager with its database file
  • Cloud based storage services
  • Then the rest of the applications

Step Three

Turn off the spyware.

Step four

Turn on system restore. It is turned off by default. Click the search field next to start button and type “restore” then pick the restore date you want. Click the configure button.

Step five

Unhide libraries by opening File Explorer then on the view tab click navigation then check the show libraries option.

Step six

Partition separation. It is a good idea to put your library files in a separate partition.

Step seven

You are now ready to move your data files to your new PC. You can use the free version of Laplink’s PCMover Express to help you with this. An alternative is to drag and drop the files to an external hard drive, then transfer them from this hard drive to the new PC.

Don’t throw out your old PC just yet in case you have problems with the file transfer.

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