How to make the most out of Funemployment

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Everyone knows being unemployed typically feels like a slump. However, now that we’re smack dab in the middle of the gig economy, there are plenty of ways to make some moolah without having a typical 9 to 5. One great option is ridesharing! Uber has disrupted the transportation scene hard but they’ve also opened up a whole new job market for earning money.
What’s great about becoming an Uber partner?

Signing up to become a driver-partner is super easy. Pretty much anyone
with a car qualifies but here are the deets:

– 21 years old or older
– Must have a four door car
– Must have a registered vehicle and insurance
– Must have a valid driver’s license
– Must have a smartphone
Who among your friends would not qualify to drive with Uber?

Another thing I love about partnering with Uber is the flexibility. Looking for a job can be time consuming between scheduling interviews, phone screens, and scouring the web for something that isn’t undercutting my value, but sometimes I can sign onto the Uber app and take two to three trips between my plans! If I need to get from company 1 to company 2 anyway, why not make some cash along the way by driving with the Uber app?

It’s also super quick signing on to pick up riders. I just turn on the app and automatically get ride requests. It’s up to me whether to take ride requests or not, and once I need to get on with my day or life, I just sign off and close the app.
Another thing I love about driving with Uber is how often I get paid. It makes keeping track of my personal finances and expenses a lot easier knowing the money I earned this week gets paid this week. I might need to spend extra money for commuting between interviews or grabbing a new pair of formal shoes and knowing it’s under my control to drive more is a great feeling. Need more money soon? Turn on the app and drive! Want to take the first step in turning your unemployment stress on its head?

Sign up to drive with Uber here!

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