How To Enable Twitter’s 280 Characters Limit

How To Enable Twitter’s 280 Characters Limit

As only a selected few have access to Twitter’s 280-character limit, other users are wondering whether there is a way to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit and how hard it could be.

Attempting to squeeze your sentences within 140 characters on Twitter can be extremely challenging. Yesterday Twitter published a detailed blog post explaining that it is increasing the character limit to twice as many as it was originally. That being said, users can still enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit themselves. While some users enjoyed the news of this change, others implied that a greater character limit can allow trolls to take advantage of it to post disturbing content. According to some users, Twitter should just restrict posts that include threatens and suicide notes.

Still, it is important to note that this change has affected only a few selected accounts until Twitter is finished with testing. After that, we’ll know whether we all get to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit or not. If you are one of the curious users who want to learn more, this guide will show you how to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit.

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The first method included installing a browser extension called Tampermonkey. Further on, you’d have to add a script to an extension to make it work. Unfortunately for those who wanted to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit before the company rolled it out to them, Twitter made changes which disable the power of the Tampermonkey extension.

Still, if you are using TweetDeck, you can use it to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit. Of course, not every user of Twitter is also a TweetDeck user. But if you would like to tweet 280-character posts, this is a price worth paying. The next steps will guide you towards getting the 280-character limit on your own Twitter account.

  • Log in / Make a new account at
  • Go to “View” then move over to the “Developer” menu and click “Developer.”
  • Click “Sources” next to “Console Menu” and find “Snippets,” as seen below below. Follow the arrows from the pictures.

Enable Twitter's 280 characters limit

  • After you open Snippets, find the “New Snippet” button; click it and then copy paste the code from this link to the empty text box, like displayed in the picture.
  • If you copied the code into the empty window, click “Play” on the bottom right screen, and you will enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit.

Enable Twitter's 280 characters limit


Another method recently scratched the surface when developer Juliette Pretot revealed a series of GIFs which explain an easier approach to enable 280 characters on Twitter. You can check it out here.

It is important to note that Twitter is aware that some are using third-party applications to write twice as longer tweets. It has indicated that users won’t always be able to use these applications and extensions to add more characters to their posts. It is also worth mentioning that using these scripts to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit is at your own risk. Unless verified to come from a reliable source, third-party sources can be dangerous for your computer and you.

Have you tried some of these methods to enable Twitter’s 280 characters limit? Let us know in the comments how it worked for you.

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